Will the USD Catch the Feisty MXN … Is Trading Forex Worth It?


The USD MXN and GBP JPY are on the move.  Is trading forex worth it? Take a look and see what is in store for you to add to your forex account this week.  It is all about PIPS, PIPS, and more PIPS …

Best free forex signals for the USD MXN. Is Trading Forex Worth It?


Daily charts for the USD MXN

Will the MXN jumping bean escape? Daily shows this pair has passed the .270 at 19.25936 and continued to almost the .618 at 18.98919 but still has about 1,300 pips to go to reach the .618.  The rsi is in the buy zone, however, I think it will reach the .618 before making a move back up the ladder.

Hourly charts for the USD MXN

Will the USD Catch the Feisty MXN? Hourly shows this pair hitting and peeking below the .270  at 19.07171 and then climbing it’s way back up to meet the down trend line.  It should come back down to the .618 at 18.99631, however the rsi is not quiet at the sell zone and looks like it is in the middle which means this pair could go up further, break through the trend line but it should gartley back down to the .618 at 18.99631 – 1,2335 pips further down from it’s present location.

Is trading Forex worth it?

Do you agree that the USD MXN could boost your trading account towards the end of 2019? And back to my main question: Is trading Forex worth it? Indeed, I think so, and I’m super excited to share my best free forex signals with you, and I hope that everyone can maximize their profits based on my accurate forex signals.

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