Get ready for something big! Our goal is to see how much a demo account can grow – and work as a passive income day after day, week after week! Now we go all in! And we invite you too!

Trond joins the copytrading war
Trond joins the copytrading war

Factors to analyze before we get started

It’s extremely important to do a thorough research of every potential trader to follow before we start to follow them. There are several factors to keep an extra eye on, here are some of the main points:

  • Transparent history
  • Stable profits
  • Trading patterns
  • Average Pips
  • Communication with the followers

So what exactly does this mean? We never just check the current performance and how many Pips one trader has earned. It’s important to study the details of his trading style.

Reliable traders with a transparent history

If you have joined traders on Facebook, Telegram or other platforms, they may state that they have many years of trading experience and that they earned millions, but how can we know that is true? Sorry to be negative, but in most cases, they are scams. And they make probably more money on promoting and selling their signal services than on the trading itself.

We always look after transparent trading data before following any trader. Traders that share all of their history and statistics for months and years will most probably keep their trading style and not surprise us as much as newbies. We are dedicating time to find experienced traders with good statistics. The history should cover at least a half year, or ideally several years. That makes it easier to get a complete understanding of the trading style and we have more data to analyze.

Monthly winning trades

Of course, no trader can predict all the markets every time, but if a trader is having more bad months than good months, it says a lot about the stability and performance. We are looking for stable performance and monthly profits! The ideal traders, in this case, will be traders that are able to deliver profits at the end of every month! Most of the trades should be winning, although it’s never a good strategy if they never close any trades before they go to almost endless drawdown. A trader should be responsible and have a plan if the trades go against him.

High ROI

If the ratio of money won is high, and the trader has been active for a long time, it says a lot about what we can expect, and we can also run simulators to see how the trader had performed based on our invested amount and settings.

Trading patterns

Does the trader focus on one currency pair? Does he trade several pairs at the same time or does he go all in with one pair? Does he scalp? Does he hedge? How many trades does he open simultaneously? These are some of the factors we look at regarding the trading patterns. Long transparent history will also show if the trader sticks to the same strategy now compared to before.

Average Pips of every winning trade

If a trader only wins 1 or 2 Pips in average, it will be difficult to copy that trader with success, since your broker may not have the exact same starting point as the trader’s broker had. We are looking for traders with a solid amount of Pips per trade. This way we will most likely make some Pips in the longer run.

Communication with the followers

A good trader will most likely communicate with the followers from time to time. It’s especially important to provide updates when the trades are going against him, and people require information. If the traders never share any feedback regarding the market and his trades, the followers will become upset when drawdowns are occurring. Social activity motivates the followers to keep following him also when it’s going bad with the trading.

After the analysis work…

It may sound easy to follow a trader, but if you want to do it with as little risk as possible, the analysis work must be done carefully, and these factors mentioned above are just some of the points we look at. And after the analysis work is done, you should never just follow them and leave them completely. There simply is no 100% passive income, although this copytrading war is probably as close as you can get.

Checking up on the current performance…

We will never leave the traders on complete autopilot. Instead, we will keep an eye on them on a daily basis, and if we find out that they are breaking their trading pattern, we will not sit still.

Free community

Forex and Profits is all about trading as a team and share relevant views related to trading and signals. The community is completely free, so we just reach out to all fellow traders out there that are tired of being dumped and left to themselves on their own. We will share all our results – and you are invited to join us as well. You will get updates from us several times every month, and we will share which traders that we trust. A completely free service.

Have you had experiences with scam programs?

There are so many scams and programs out there that ask you for a monthly or lifetime membership and they promise you thousands of Pips every month…

We know how this works and we are tired of that, and we are sure that most people are as well. These scam programs make people doubt even legitimate forex programs, and many people ask us if the entire Forex is a scam?

The answer to that is of course not, it’s really sad it has become like that. That’s why we wanted to create Forex and Profits and invite people like you to actively join us. We have one important common goal – it’s to make money on Forex. Would it not be an amazing feeling to have stable profits every month?

Now it’s time to get over it

Forget the past, eventual losses, and programs that didn’t work. Our challenge for you is to join our Copytrading war right now.

Unique opportunity for the first action takers

If you are really dedicated to recieve a passive income on autopilot, we will personally guide you on how to setup a demo account and get all the experience you need – and it’s completely free. All we require back is that you contribute to our new team. That may be writing some posts on how your account is doing and some feedback on your experiences with the copytrading war.

Join the copytrading war now

This is a unique opportunity that we can’t provide to everyone, but right now we are expanding and want to build up a winning team.

So this is your chance! Join the copytrading war today!