Ultimate Trading tips on how to make money by forex now

Ultimate Trading tips on how to make money by forex now

Are you looking for some trading tips that can boost your forex account this autumn? Here I will provide the best free forex signals for the end of September to the end of October and what you can expect in the upcoming weeks, for Q4 this year.

Imagine if you could open one forex position this week and see an impressive profit growth on your forex account in just a couple of days or weeks? My signals have been extremely profitable and have given me a steady account boost in the past, and now I am sharing fresh and honest forex signals with you.

Today I’m going to show you the best free forex signals that I used to get amazing results on my own account and what I think the next few weeks will look like in the forex market.

It’s time to boost your trading account with some signals that I really believe in. Some days ago I shared the best trading ideas, and the market has not changed a lot since the last time. Join me on the USD/ MXN and GBP/JPY journey for this month.  Let me know your thoughts.

Which is the best currency to trade right now?

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I recommend trading these currency pairs for the next couple of weeks:


Trading tips for USD/MXN

Daily shows this pair crossed the up trend line and hit the .500 at 19.86752 where it reversed and has headed back down towards the down trend line and stopping just above the .236 at 19.65446.  It should make it to the .270 at 19.26257 which would give it  4,477.9 pips.  If it goes to the .618 at 18.98919 that would be another 2,816.9 for a total of 7,294.8 altogether.  The RSI is skipping along in the sell zone and this pair should make another downward plunge to at least the .270 @ 19.26257 – 4,474.9 pips away.  If it continued to the 1.618 that would be a further 2,744.5 pips for a total of 7,219.4 in total.

Hourly shows this pair crossed the second downtrend line to the .236 at 19.68617.  It should continue down to the .618 at 19.60722 giving 955 pips.  If it continues down to the .786 at 19.57299 that would be an additional  337 pips for a total of 1,292 pips.  The RSI is just below the sell zone and appears it is either going to skip along for a while or might head back down to the buy zone.


trading tips for USD/MXN October 2019 Daily Chart

trading tips for USD/MXN October 2019 Hourly Chart

Trading tips for GBP/JPY 

Daily shows this pair had a retracement downward following the down trend line and crossing the .382 @ 132.230, stopping just above the .500 at 131.150.  The .618 is just 213 pips further down and the .786 is another 158 pips for a total of 371 pips. I think this pair reaching the .618 is a safe target with some level of support – the .786 is a bit of a reach but we will see when it approaches this area. The RSI has been skipping along in the buy zone for a bit and it should move this pair up however I still believe it will reverse and come back down.

Hourly shows this pair just hit the .500 at 132.506 in a large up movement up toward the down trend line and hit the .236 @ 133.095. It has reversed and is now at the .236 at 132.144.  The .270 is 87 pips down and it should reach this target.  The RSI is at the sell zone where it should reverse back down to the .270 @ 131.306

trading tips for GBP/JPY October 2019 Daily Chart

What do you think of this week’s trading tips?

Join us for our monthly Charts and Thoughts corner.  Each month we will pick two pairs and analyze and follow them all month.  See how accurate our predictions are or are not.  Add your own predictions in our comments.  Let us know what pairs you want to see the following month.  Add your own insights and let’s get a conversation going …..

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