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Today’s ZuluTrade trader review – GainsPTWS – find the best forex traders

Who is the best Forex traders on ZuluTrade? Today’s amazing trader worth following on ZuluTrade is GainsPTWS . In this series of reviews, we are looking at the best forex traders to follow right now.

ZuluTrade review GainsPTWS

Many ask the same question over and over namely which is the best ZuluTrader worth following? Today we are going to introduce the first ZuluRank trader for you to copy, namely GainsPTWS.

Follow us and you will find out all that you need to know about this successful trader. 

best forex traders review zulutrade, best forex traders

Facts about one of the best Forex traders on ZuluTrade

  • Name: GainsPTWS
  • Zulu Rank (on the 3rd of August 2019): #1
  • Amount Following: $2,145,409
  • Total Profit: 31,942.8 Pips

Described strategy for GainsPTWS

  • The trader describes a simple but effective strategy which he says is full of immediate results based on his performance in the global trading market. After checking his data we observed that he has over two years of trading experience since 2017 on this trading account. 
  • He makes use of mathematical theories of the trading dynamic and also makes use of 2-4 last pairs of H1-W1 timeframes.  Quiet often he likes trading against the market trend.
  • This strategy is applied to over 27 shared currency pairs and enjoys trading in candle (H4).
  • The averaging method is used.
  • The drawdawn per pair is never above 1,500 pips, but these results can be higher in the next trading session.
  • This trader always makes fast use of the emergency stop loss action of the opened positions.
  • His risks levels are rather friendly and it can be somewhere close to 0.01 Lots per $1000.
  • In this case he expects around 10 to 20% profit per month with a margin of 10-30% risk.
Zulutrade peformance ptws history
A completely transparent system, showing the full performance for GainsPTWS during his 159 weeks on Zulutrade.

Pro aspects

This Trader has been active on ZuluTrade for 157 weeks, at the time of the writing, and we can all agree that he is a seasoned veteran trader worth copying with trust. In this period he has generated a total net profit of more than 31,942.8 pips. He is implementing a live trading account thus he is placing orders with his own funds. GainPTWS boasts a huge number of over 3,424 investors which, by any means, underlines the fact that this trader is trusted by many market participants.

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trading history zulutrade gainsptws
Showing the trading history on zulutrade for Gainsptws

Con aspects

The average pip gain for this trader stands around 10 Pips, which is fairly good, not amazing, but good. A high slippage of 4.1, but this suggests that the profits are swiftly covered.

He currently has a value of -261.5 pips, but although it is a bad value it can easily be converted into a good one.

Profits charts of GainsPTWS on ZuluTrade
Profits charts of GainsPTWS on ZuluTrade

Final Verdict – is following GainsPTWS the best forex trading tips of today?

GainsPTWS looks like he applies methods of high-risk and high-return approach. He uses EA, which is very good especially when the trading markets are on high movement but it can be also extremely risky when the market is consolidating.

Short-term investors looking for a quick profit will run the risk that values might end up having their funds erased quickly so use a lot of caution, always choose the long run because long-term investors always benefit from fluctuations.  can When that’s being said, you may consider adding him to your demo account or your online trading account.

Be sure to go through all details before choosing any trader, go ahead and view GainsPTWS historical trading performance on ZuluTrade over here. Do you want to learn more about Zulutrade? Check out our big Zulutrade guide.

currency pairs gainsptws
Showing the currency pairs Gainsptws is trading



This is GainsPTWS on ZuluTrade

Name: GainsPTWS

Description: Active for more than 2 years. Made 31.170 Pips. Winning trades 80%. Average Pips 10.4

  • A proven track record: 159 weeks
  • Consistent results over time: 31.170 Pips in total = 196 Pips per week in average
  • People following the trader: 3056. $165,167 invested in live accounts
  • Average Pip per trade: 10.4
  • Trading Strategy: Description exists
  • Trader sets stops and limits: No
  • Historical drawdown: 4600 PIps
  • Last communication with followers: 2 days ago
  • Winning percentage: 80%


We honestly believe that this trader has everything for you, for your wallet and for your success. Never invest money you can’ t afford to lose. Data were collected on the 3rd of August 2019. Please check ZuluTrade’s website for the latest updates.



A consistent trader with great results for more than 2 years

High winning percentage

Monthly profits



Doesn’t set stop limits


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