Smart ideas to apply on all trading platforms

Let me ask you a quick question, and please do try to answer yourself honestly: Do you always use a smart plan of action when jumping into any of the available trading platforms or do you just simply peek at your charts and randomly begin to identify quick trades without any logical sense whatsoever behind your actions?

I believe that having trading plan is similar in many ways with offering yourself a personal “map” in order to avoid certain risky situations. Without such a plan trading will definitely become even harder that it already is. A trading plan is like planning a great vacation which must be filled with lots of enjoyment and relaxation, if you don’t have a small guide it’s probably going to end up a huge fiasco.

Planning ahead always makes everything simpler and way easier to accomplish, at all times a simple plan can contain a complex goal within basic reach.

I am going to show you how to improve your trading experience on any trading platforms that you might wish to trade. All you need to have is a lot of discipline in order to stick to it. Many people have serious problems with discipline on the trading markets, always avoid cutting down on your daily trading habits. These have the power to make you stay on the right trading track and keep yourself disciplined.

A) Trade with big trading platforms and popular currency pairs

The first amazing step to do is to create a smart and simple daily trading plan and stick only to the major trading markets which can be found on almost all trading platforms. The most important ones that you should follow on a daily basis are placed in exactly this order:


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That’s 8 smart markets which are more than enough for you to focus on. If you happen to be from the US I insist on focusing on the currency pairs that I’ve listed.

If something big happens on these trading platforms it’s definitely going to enhance the price action signal for one of them. If you truly want to make things simpler for your daily trading routine, you must scale-back the trading markets that you analyze in order to keep as focused as possible on only a handful of significant trading markets.

B) Keep your charts simple and smart

It’s very important to discuss about the chart setup. Just open the daily charts of the markets I’ve mentioned above. Afterwards try to take a look at them and begin trading with a huge emphasis on the 4 hour and 1 hour points, these points usually shows us the trading pattern of the day. Stick to these parts and use your trading discipline to jump towards success.

C) Give yourself space and time, never rush

This step is very critical for the overall safety of your trading account. You need only one strong price action signal for everything to work out just fine.

Never rush your trading decisions, be sure to weigh them twice before using a new trading chart.

This is the best winning strategy that anyone can hope to use in its advantage so this is why I strongly suggest reading as much information as possible before implementing any decisions.

I also recommend learning as many and as many diverse entry signals before rushing into a trade, nonetheless the entire purpose of this simple trading plan is, after finish studying, try to focus on a single signal.

If you happen to be in a bad trading state you will quickly come to notice that you will see that you’ve just stopped losing money each month and after this your account will begin to grow slowly but, more important, after using this trading plan for two or maybe three months, then you can start using different entry signals.

In conclusion I would like to state that for now I require you to completely understand that you need to narrow your point of focus, remove all variables and most important try to reduce clutter from your mind. The best way to start this process is to being learning how to become a master of trading.

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