Safe Trading79 review

Safe Trading79 review – 975% in ROI last year

If you are looking for passive income opportunities, today’s copytrader may be everything you have been looking for.

Today we present Safe Trading79, another Forex Trade Copier Service on ZuluTrade, which has earned impressively $27,232 on a real account during his first 55 weeks on Zulutrade.

Safe Trading79 review | Is Safe Trading79 a copy trader service worth following or not?

Safe Trading79 review
Safe Trading79 review – we focus on profits and performance in this review

Today we are presenting the 9th Zulu Rank trader for you to copy, respectively Safe Trading79.

Does this trader have everything you require for your purse and your benefit?

Today you will find out!

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Safe Trading79 review
Great results for Safe Trading79 since March 2019

A closer look at Safe Trading79

Be sure to go through all details before choosing any trader, go ahead and view Safe Trading79 historical trading performance on ZuluTrade.

Facts about Safe Trading79:

  • Zulu Rank: #9
  • Amount Following: $44,058
  • Total Profit: 6,574 pips and $27,232
  • Weeks: 55
  • Live Investors Right Now: 91
Statistics of Safe Trading79
The main statistics of Safe Trading79: 72% winning trades. 523 trades in total. Average trade time is 2 days. Average Pips 12.6.

Who is Safe Trading79 and what is his Forex trade copier service strategy?

  • Short, medium and long term transactions will be used together
  • Does not use Martingale or Grid strategy
  • Average trading time is 2 days
  • The transactions to be carried at maximum drawdown are set to not exceed 50%
  • Closes transactions if he think transactions have come to “the lose border”
  • Experienced trader since March 2019 on Zulutrade
  • Trading 5 currency pairs, mainly EUR USD, followed by USD CAD and EUR JPY
  • Maximum open trades at a time 11
  • Recommended settings updated 17.January 2020: You will need $250 to copy all Trader’s positions with 1 micro lot each and 100:1 leverage. (Fixed). You will need $25,000 to copy all Trader’s positions with 100% ratio and 100:1 leverage (Pro-rata).

Disclaimer: Please note – the information is based on what the trader himself has written in the trader’s description. We are not responsible for any given information in this article. Forex and Profits is about helping like-minded traders find information that can be useful from other sources, in this case – from ZuluTrade.

Safe Trading79 Live investors summary
Live investors Summary Safe Trading79 showing 91 live investors right now and $8,845 in total profit

More than one year on Zulutrade

Safe Trading79 is a great example of an experienced trader, and he has plenty of trading knowledge to back up history. All trading history is transparent on Zulutrade, and you can verify his 523 trades yourself. He has been active on ZuluTrade since March 2019, and it is clear that he is a seasoned trader that is worth following.

What to expect of Safe Trading79 trading style

Safe Trading79 uses a mix of short, medium and long term transactions. In most cases he keeps the positions for days. It appears to be manual trading and he controls them easily by placing maximum 11 trades at the same time.

Currency pairs traded by Safe Trading79
Currency pairs traded by Safe Trading79 include EUR USD, USD CAD, EUR JPY, GBP USD and USD JPY.

Safe Trading79’s favorite currency pair seems to be EUR USD, which make more than 50% of his trading portfolio. We like that he spreads the risk and trade different currency pairs. His experience definitely lifts the Forex trade copier service to an entirely different new level based on well-developed strategies that he implements in this trading sessions. He has plenty of experience in the financial trading branch.

He has an outstanding profit of $27,232 on his real trading account, which makes him a great option on any follower’s list.

Especially recommended for medium to large investors with budget that can afford some drawdown. Minimum investment is $250 according to his own suggestions.

Monthly performance results Safe Trading79
Safe Trading79 delivers stable results almost every month. An exception was July-August 2019 where he didn’t make any Pips, but he recovered well in September. Same thing happened in October 2019, while November and December were awesome! Safe Trading79 actually had his best month ever on Zulutrade in December 2019 with $5678 in profits.

He is followed by reasonable number of 242 investors (91 are live investors) which means that he is trusted by a lot of market participants and is more than able to bring great results for forex moneymakers. After all, he is currently ranked number #9.

Con aspects

A negative aspect here is that he has some losses. Nothing wrong with this, but it requires a little bit of care. His maximum drawdown is -1600 Pips. October 2019 was his worst month on Zulutrade.

It is more than clear that the positive side is far stronger than the negative side and he is still a very good option for any follower to pick.

Daily drawdown overview for Safe Trading79
Daily drawdown overview for Safe Trading79. Be careful – small accounts may easily reached margin cals if you don’t pay attention to this.

He currently has drawdown of -249 Pips and 4 open positions. You may consider following him now. This may be the perfect timing start for anyone to follow, he shows potential in keeping above the negative ratio.

Safe Trading79 Social interaction with followers
Safe Trading79 Social interaction with followers. His latest update was 2 weeks ago. He is also updating his Instagram channel.

I will use it hedge positions for protection purposes outside of my usual trading style due to corona speculation. It is always the right option to proceed safely without harming the main capital.

Update message from Safe Trading79, in March 2020

Safe Trading79 review and conclusion

<strong>Safe Trading79 review </strong> Book Cover
Safe Trading79 review Profits of 6574 Pips since March 2020

Great trader with 55 weeks of trading history on Zulutrade.

Safe Trading79 looks like he can deliver and he is more than capable of keeping your profits up because he does not take big risks and he also implements a very small-return approach.

He usually trades manually, which gives him full control, especially when the trading markets are on high movement, but steps in on manual to protect your investments and to limit your losses, which on the trading market, are sometimes inevitable.

Always choose the long manual run because long-term investors always benefit from fluctuations.

He is definitely a great example of the Forex trade copier service.

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What if I had invested $1500?

There’s a simulator function in Zulutrade for desktop, that let’s us experiment with settings and see how different traders would perform based on your investment and lot settings.

Let’s run a quick scenario. What if I had invested $1500 and followed Safe Trading79?

Simulation of Safe Trading79
Simulation of Safe Trading79 shows you would have made 3157 USD if you invested 1500 USD one year ago

The expected profit would have been $1657, and the ROI earned would have been 110.5%. An investment of $1500 would have turned into $3157 in 12 months. Need more tips on picking the ideal trader to follow? Take your time and read our own tips and tricks.

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