river mt4 review for profits in forex

River MT4 review – copy traders to boost your profit in forex

It’s difficult to find really good signal providers, and it’s impossible to be available 24 hours to monitor the trades yourself. That’s why I’m looking at forex copy services instead, where I just need to activate a trader once and leave it. All trades are automatically opened and closed exactly when the trader is doing that on his own account.

river mt4 review for profits in forex
Check out this River MT4 review with all the details about Zulutrade’s #3574th ranked trader!

A copy service I have wanted to write about for a long time is River MT4, a trader that has made 24,079.6 Pips since August 2019.

In this River MT4 review, I describe why I think this trader can boost your profit in forex.

Today I am presenting the #3574th trader listed on Zulu Rank. A trader for you to copy, respectively River MT4.

My question is if we should add him to the list of copy traders or if we just should look further?

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profit of River MT4
Amazing results for River MT4 since the beginning in August 2019

River MT4 facts

Before I pick a trader I make sure I go through all details. I have collected the most important facts about River MT4’s historical trading performance on ZuluTrade.

Facts about Lovelytrader2017:

  • Zulu Rank: #3574
  • Amount Following: $204
  • Total Profit: 24,079.6 Pips
  • Total amount earned: $1,110.44
  • Trader’s own balance per 11.May 2020: 4,409 USD
  • Leverage on trader’s account: 400:1
  • Trader is using a real account: Yes
  • Weeks: 39
  • Investors: 19
Statistics of River MT4
River MT4 has completed 802 trades where 88% were winning trades. He may open 41 trades simultaneously which makes him an ideal match for big investors with a bigger budget, while smaller accounts may choose to just set a maximum trades of 1 to 5 trades in the settings. An average trade wins 30 Pips which is very good.

Who is River MT4 and what makes his strategy stand out from his competitors?

  • His trading style is based on Technical analysis
  • Experienced trader since August 2019 on Zulutrade
  • Double moving average and fibonnacci levels are using in the technical analysis
  • Maximum open trades at a time: 41
  • Claims no dangerous or risky strategies are being used
  • Using his own developed EA system named River EA
  • River EA is a trading system based on an original algorithm of price movement between Moving Average levels
  • Long term stability of the strategy is ensured by strict management using a stop-loss for each order
  • Uses a Split Mode, Trailing and Dynamic Stop
  • Manual, auto and risk lot
  • Strict money management
  • Recommended settings: You will need $1000 to copy all traders’ positions with 1 micro lot each and 100:1 leverage (Fixed setting in Zulutrade) or $4000 to copy all positions with 100% ratio and 100:1 leverage (Pro-rata setting Zulutrade)

Disclaimer: Please note – the information is based on what the trader himself has written in the trader’s description. We are not responsible for any given information in this article. Forex and Profits is about helping like-minded traders find information that can be useful from other sources, in this case – from ZuluTrade.

39 weeks on Zulutrade

Although 39 weeks is not very long, it gives an idea of how this trader is handling the market on bad and good days. The drawdown is low (maximum drawdown has been 490.7 Pips) and the performance shows that River MT4 delivers between 1561 Pips and 4398 Pips every month, no losing months yet.

Which currency pairs does he trade?

River MT4 is mostly trading EUR USD and GBP USD, but he is also trading USD JPY, EUR GBP, CAD JPY and EUR JPY. I like that he spreads the risk by trading different pairs and not just trade one pair, like many other traders. Trading different pairs make it easier to the see the “entire market situation” than those only stick to one pair.

currency pairs traded by River MT4
River MT4 is mostly trading EUR/USD, but he also trades GBP/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY and some few more currency pairs.

River MT4 has made 24,079 Pips, which makes him a great option on any follower’s list.

Especially recommended for investors willing to invest more than $4000 using the Pro Rata settings in Zulutrade.

performance of monthly trading results by River MT4
River MT4 is in profit every month. No exceptions until now. Earnings between 1500 Pips and 4464 Pips every month.

He is followed by only 19 investors, probably because almost nobody finds him, as he is currently ranked number #3574.

Con aspects

Like any forex trader there is no strategy that is perfect, and some losses must be expected. 97 of River MT4’s trades were losing. When looking at the last few months trading history, there are more losses than previously. The winning pips in April were therefore a bit lower than normal. Hopefully this is just temporary, and nothing has changed in his EA system.

For the moment River MT4 has no open trades. He closed a trade in -69 Pips earlier today, and hopefully he can recover this loss quickly. Maybe this is the right moment to start following him.

social interaction by River MT4
According to River MT4’s latest updates maximum drawdown per currency pair could be 10% and 25% in total. He also claims to have 170 subscribers.

Unfortunately drawdowns is a part of game

River MT4 replied one of his followers 2 weeks ago.

River MT4 review and conclusion

River MT4 Review Book Cover
River MT4 Review Russian trader Has earned 24,079.6 Pips 39 weeks

Russian trader with own EA system that has delivered 24,079 Pips in profits

River MT4 claims to have a strict money management. No dangerous or risky strategoes are being used, according to the profile description.

The algorithm of price movement between moving average is used in this EA in combination with the fibonacci levels, a strategy that has delivered stable profits.

I am considering adding River MT4 to my list of forex copiers, but I want to monitor him a bit longer before I add him to any real account since his performance seems to vary a bit for the last month or so.

What if I had invested $4000?

There’s a simulator function in Zulutrade for desktop, that let’s us experiment with settings and see how different traders would perform based on your investment and lot settings.

Let’s run a quick scenario. What if I had invested $4000 and followed River MT4?

simulate the performance of river mt4
Simulator $400 with 0.4 mini lots would give $5926 in profits after 6 months

The expected profit would have been $5926, and the ROI earned would have been 148.1% after 6 months. An investment of $4000 would have turned into $9926 in 6 months.

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