Achieve profits EUR NZD

EUR NZD may ensure you achieve profits in forex trading right now

Are you struggling to achieve profits in forex trading? We are going to continue watching the EUR NZD, a very volatile and exciting pair to trade. Still in an Uptrend Over Past 30 Days!

Updated EUR NZD charts

As usual, we will start out the month with a target trade and then go to regular, daily, and hourly charts for the rest of the month.  Let’s see how this pair works out this month.

Today I will show you how I expect to achieve profits with EUR NZD currency pair

EUR NZD Target Trading/Regular Trading 

Daily shows this pair has crossed an up trend line in a dramatic downward move of 842 pips. It has retraced with an engulfing Bull Candle and the rsi is just below the sell zone. This pair might go up a few pips more but should return to it’s downward trajectory. The rsi and MacD is divergent. This pair should reach the .270 at 1.55039 giving 805 pips.

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EURNZD Daily November 2 2021
EURNZD Daily November 2 2021

Hourly shows this pair made a dramatic move of 240 pips up just crossing the .270 and is now in retracement. The rsi and MacD are in the sell zone and appear ready to move down to the buy zone. This pair should reach the .236 at 1.62391 giving 57 pips. If it goes to the .382 at 1.62167 this would give 81 pips.

EURNZD Hourly November 2 2021
EURNZD Hourly November 2 2021

EUR NZD in the news

In this video, I will break down my trade on EUR/NZD and give you some advice on what to look for when looking for a trade. I was looking at 3 trades today (EN, NU and AUD/NZD) and I show you why I picked EUR/NZD. A little gem for you to extract from this video!

After 4 down four-hour candles, EUR/NZD snaps its streak, rising 37 pips (0.21%) over the past four-hour candle to close at an exchange rate of 1.7804. Compared to its peers in the Forex, EUR/NZD gave its buyers a return that ranked 13th in terms of percentage change since the last 4 hour candle. EUR NZD 4 Hour Price Update

Bears are in complete control over the EUR/NZD, with this technical indicator sliding deeper into negative territory, according to DailyForex.

As for the near future, the EUR/NZD exchange rate could continue to decline during the following trading sessions. The potential target for bearish traders would be at the 1.7000 level.

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EUR NZD analysis on the 6th of July by the Revolution FX Strategist.

My trading strategy for achieving profits in forex trading

Do you wonder how I analyze the market and do my forex analysis? Pivot points and target trading are used to find the direction of the trades, a method that really helps me and makes me profitable in most of the time. I have already written an article where I explained in detail how target trading works.

Are you struggling to achieve profits in forex trading?

All traders have good and bad times with their forex results. Maybe you just don’t feel ready to open new trades just based on the trading signals in this article. And that is okay. Never trade if you don’t feel comfortable. Sometimes the best thing a trader can do is to just rest and have a break. If you are tired of trading on your own, we have some good recommendations for you. We have covered plenty of trade-copiers here. Do you want to learn more about 7 of the most successful forex traders ever? We have just presented a very interesting list of legends of the Forex industry! If you want to learn some really effective Forex strategies, you should check out this article. Like every week, I’m super excited to share my fresh forex day trading tips with you, and I hope that everyone can maximize their profits based on my accurate forex trading signals.

We provide new trading signals every week

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The last weeks before Christmas are often slower than normal in the currency markets, but hopefully, we will achieve some nice profits in forex trading already now, before this year is over.


Before participating in Foreign Currency Trading (Forex Market) you must consider carefully the risks of the market, which has big rewards potential, yet is also extremely risky. Consider all the risks carefully before investing in the Forex Market. Remember that all the information and signals, prices and trade recommendations provided here on Forex and Profits is only general information and market commentary, thus, it does not incorporate investment advice.

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