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Pivot Point Trading – GBP NZD

GBP NZD Monthly Chart shows a pivot emerging at 1.93723 with the rsi and cmo moving to the sell zone.  


GBP NZD Weekly Chart shows a pivot from before April at 1.88338 with the rsi and cmo moving to the buy zone.

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GBP NZD Daily Chart shows a pivot at 1.92971 with the rsi and cmo heading towards the sell zone.  


Although the monthly shows a pivot in the buy position, the weekly and daily both show pivots in the sell position.  There are mixed signals in these 3 charts.  The Weekly chart shows an old pivot that would tell you that it is not likely the pair would reach the pivot of 1.8838.  The Daily chart is the most viable chart to trade, with a pivot at 1.92971 and the rsi and cmo in agreement of moving towards the sell position.  This would give you a quick 27 pips.

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