Pivot Point Trading EUR CAD

Pivot point trading: Forex And Profits shows you how to line up big-pip trades with strategies and systems based on pivots. We guide your trading efforts with a formula that accurately identifies bullseyes you can hit. Wouldn’t it be great if you could fine-tune your Forex analysis and hit your profit pivots with ease? That is what Forex And Profits is here for. We will help you to be profitable faster as a Forex trader. Today we will take a look at EUR CAD Monthly, Weekly and Daily chart and find the pivots.

Pivot Point Trading and Forex Forecast by Forex and profits

The EUR CAD Monthly Chart shows pivots at 1.56282 and 1.58844 with an emerging pivot at 1.52679;  the rsi and cmo are headed towards the buy position. 

Target Trading


The EUR CAD Weekly Chart shows a pivot at 1.50838 with the rsi and cmo in the buy zone.

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Target Trading, Forex Forecast


The EUR CAD Daily Chart shows a pivot at 1.51778 and 1.52381 with the rsi and cmo in mid range. 

target trading

Conclusion – Pivot Point Trading EUR CAD

For those willing to wait out the time, which can be at times from a week to a couple of weeks,  for the weekly pivot to hit, this would bring a nice 81 pips to your arsenal.  The daily pivot shows a gain of 23 pips and 83 pips to be gained which can take from a week to a couple of weeks to work it’s way to both pivots.  We hope that you hit your profit pivots easily with the analysis provided. Let us know if you are going to trade EUR CAD and when you are making money on this currency pair.


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