Origin Protocol OGN Price

OGN Coin – can it really grow +627.8%?

The OGN Coin is now ranked #110 on crypto.com and it is growing quickly in popularity. Origin Protocol aims to enable blockchain-powered commerce.

Crypto Profit states it may go up as much as +627.8%? Is this a realistic price prediction for OGN? Today we talk about the OGN Network and why you should not miss out on this investment opportunity!

Origin Protocol OGN Price

What is Origin Protocol?

The sharing economy without intermediaries. Origin is a protocol for creating sharing economy marketplaces using the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS. https://www.originprotocol.com/en

Origin Protocol runs on its native OGN tokens, which are used in incentive systems, staking, governance and payments. The total supply of OGN is 1,000,000,000  https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/origin-protocol/

The team behind Origin Protocol OGN

Origin Team

There is a great team behind this powerful coin. Origin has gathered some of the best engineering managers in the market. Here are the most important people behind Origin Protocol:

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  • Josh Fraser
    Josh started coding at the age of 10. Prior to Origin, he co-founded three other venture-backed companies: EventVue, Torbit (acquired by Walmart Labs) & Forage.
  • Matthew Liu
    Matt was the 3rd PM at YouTube (acquired by Google) and VP PM at Qwiki (acquired by Yahoo) and Bonobos (acquired by Walmart). He has an MS and BS from Stanford.
  • Vu Pan
    Vu is the funding engineer of Origin Protocol. Yu Pan was one of the 6 founding team members of PayPal and was the 1st employee at YouTube. He is a former Google employee and co-founder of Kiwi Crate.

Origin is a fully distributed team. Our 800+ investors include top venture capitalists and cryptocurrency funds all over the world. Origin Tokens (OGN) are held by over 30,000 token holders.

Source. Origin Protocol’s official website

What products does Origin Protocol OGN offer?

Here is the portfolio of products:

  • Dshop
    A decentralized and open source e-commerce platform that allows anyone to create an online store easily, completely free of transaction fees. This is great for artists!
  • Origin Dollar
    The first stablecoin that earns a yield while it’s still in your wallet. Also known as OUSD
  • Marketplace
    Buy and sell on Origin. Rent a home, buy concert tickets, or hire a contractor on our flagship app, built on the Origin platform.
  • Origin Token
    An incentive token that ensures the health and growth of the network.

Are you interested in running an NFT sale?

Then you should sign up on Origin’s application form. They recently hosted a record-breaking auction which generated over $11.7 million in sales. In the future they will replicate that success by scaling their platform to support all artists.

Get started with staking by selecting a lock-up period

Did you know that you can make 25% per year by staking your Origin coins?

If you are willing to lock your cryptocurrencies in for a specific time period you will receive rewards.

Here are the staking options:

  • Earn 7.5% after 30 days
  • Earn 12.5% after 90 days
  • Earn 25% after 365 days (annualized yield)

You will be able to claim your OGN principal plus interest at the end of the staking period.

The Origin Dollar lets you easily convert other stablecoins into OUSD so you can instantly earn yields. If you choose the option to Mint OUSD the Trailing APY is a stunning 35.81 % (Seven days average). Read more on Origin Dollar’s Mint and Staking Page.

Can OGN coin really reach +627.28% in profits? Crypto Profits asks if OGN Network is the next booming crypto currency.

OGN Token 4 Hour chart

4 Hour This token has maintained a steady climb up the ladder from a price of 0.8072 to 3.3724 – a difference of 2.5652 in price. It maintained it’s upward trajectory despite a couple of retracements where btc and others were heading down. At the moment it is sitting at the price of 3.0709 and appears to be ready for a small retracement.

OGN 4 Hour April 8 2021
OGN Coin 4 Hour April 8 2021

The RSI and the MacD are both in the sell zone and appear ready to start heading down to the buy zone. This token should reach the price of 2.8762 at the .618 of the fib and an area of support.

It should also reach the .05 on the fib at the price of 2.7166, just above another area of support. It might come down to the price of 2.5603 at the .382 of the fib which puts it squarely in the area of support.

Origin Protocol OGN Hourly

Hourly shows yesterday this little token went against the rest of the market in it’s dip down and instead gained from a price of 2.0114 to 3.3724 – a difference of 1.3610 in price.

It is now in retracement and currently is at the price of 3.0752 sitting just below the .786. The rsi and the MacD show a definite downturn which should bring the price down to 2.8785 which would be the .618 on the fib.

It could come down as far as a price of 2.7174 which is 0.5 on the fibs and just above support. If it pierces through this support the next dropdown would be the price of 2.5504 at the .382 fib and the next level of support.

OGN Hourly April 8 2021
OGN Hourly April 8 2021

Where can I buy OGN coin?

Here are the best market places to buy OGN coin now:

  • Binance (OGN/BTC, OGN/BNB and OGN/USDT)
  • Huobi Global (OGN/USDT and OGN/BTC)
  • Bittrex (OGN/BTC)
    For the moment is Origin Protocol not available on Coinbase pro.

Origin Protocol price 24 High and 24 Low

OGN Price forecast long-term 2022

The long term forecast for OGN shows a price close to 2.5 within April in 2022, according to WalletInvestor.com

What do you want to know about Origin Protocol?

Here we have collected some of the most common questions related to Origin coin.

Who are the co founders of Origin Token?

Josh Fraser is the Co-founder at Origin Protocol

What is the market cap for Origin Protocol?

Fully Diluted Market Cap for OGN is $3,065,796,379 per 9. April 2021.

What is the estimated trading volume for OGN Origin protocol?

Trading volume for Origin Protocol was $378,539,110 on the 9.April 2021.

Can I find OGN origin protocol in Coinbase?

Origin Token is for the moment not supported by Coinbase nor Coinbase Pro.

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