Lovelytrader2017 review

Lovelytrader2017 review

There’s a jungle of copytraders out there, and finding reliable traders to follow is a tough challenge.

Introducing Forex Trade Copier Service on ZuluTrade, we give you Lovelytrader2017, which has an impressive 3690% ROI earned during his first half year on Zulutrade.

Is Lovelytrader2017 a copy trader service worth following or not?

Lovelytrader2017 review
Lovelytrader2017 review

Today we are presenting the 5th Zulu Rank trader for you to copy, respectively Lovelytrader2017.

Does this trader have everything you require for your purse and your benefit?

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Be sure to follow us and you will discover all that you need to know about this thriving trader.

Profit by lovelytrader2017
Stunning results for Lovelytrader2017 since September 2019

A closer look at Lovelytrader2017

Be sure to go through all details before choosing any trader, go ahead and view Lovelytrader2017 historical trading performance on ZuluTrade.

Facts about Lovelytrader2017:

  • Zulu Rank: #5
  • Amount Following: $201,698
  • Total Profit: 984.4 pips
  • Weeks: 27
  • Investors: 267
Lovelytrader2017 has completed 55 trades where 87% were winning trades. He may open 1 trade simultaneously which makes him an ideal match for small investors with a limited budget. An average trade wins 17.9 Pips.

Who is Lovelytrader2017 and what is his Forex trade copier service strategy?

  • His trading is based on Technical analysis and includes fundamental analysis
  • Experienced trader since 2012. Started in September 2019 on Zulutrade
  • Trading with fixed stop loss of 80 pips to 120 pips
  • Maximum open trades at a time 1
  • States that he definitely will do his best in order to obtain the best possible results for his followers, keep my pips target 50 pips in a month. His trading is based on Technical analysis and includes fundamental analysis
  • Keeps his Pips target 50 pips in a month
  • In case of a strong trend he may place more trades for more pips, but only once at a time

Disclaimer: Please note – the information is based on what the trader himself has written in the trader’s description. We are not responsible for any given information in this article. Forex and Profits is about helping like-minded traders find information that can be useful from other sources, in this case – from ZuluTrade.

Live investors Summary Lovelytrader2017
Lovelytrader2017 Live Investors Summary: The trader has 120 live investors now and the total profit is $6,055 Pips.

Long trading experience

This trader is a good example of a veteran trader, and he has plenty of trading knowledge to back up history. According to his profile, he has been trading since 2012. He has been active on ZuluTrade for over 27 weeks, at the time of writing, and it is clear that he is a seasoned trader that is worth following.

What to expect of Lovelytrader2017 trading style

Lovelytrader2017 uses Technical analysIs as his trading base and includes fundamental analysis. It appears to be manual trading and he controls them easily by placing maximum one trade at the same time.

Currency pairs traded by lovelytrader2017
Currency Pairs traded by Lovelytrader2017:
He is mostly trading GBP/USD, but he also trades EUR/USD.

He has plenty of experience in the financial trading branch. His experience definitely lifts the Forex trade copier service to an entirely different new level based on well-developed strategies that he implements in this trading sessions.

He has a staggering profit of 984 Pips, which makes him a great option on any follower’s list.

Especially recommended for small investors with a limited budget.

Monthly performance by Lovelytrader2017
Lovelytrader2017 delivers stable results every month. An exception was November where he didn’t make any Pips, but he recovered well in December, when he had his best month ever on Zulutrade.

He is followed by reasonable number of 120 investors which means that he is trusted by a lot of market participants and is more than able to bring amazing results. After all, he is currently ranked number #5..

Con aspects

A negative aspect here is that he has some losses. Nothing wrong with this, but it requires a little bit of care. His maximum drawdown is -121.6 pips. November 2019 was his worst month on Zulutrade.

It is more than clear that the positive side is far stronger than the negative side and he is still a very good option for any follower to pick.

Drawdown by Lovelytrader2017

He currently has no drawdown or any open trades which make this trader a perfect timing start for anyone to follow, he shows potential in keeping above the negative ratio.

Social Interaction with the followers by Lovelytrader2017
Lovelytradaer2017 seems to interact a lot with his followers. His latest status update is only 2 days old.

Hello dear investor, if my stop loss hit of 80 pips or 120 pips so please dont panic 80 pips SL is very low, it will be recovered easily, but u have to follow me regular, dont disable me, if you r following me then follow me regular otherwise unfollow me. I open just max trade 1 at a time, nobody here is god or predict perfectly, Please me this MM 100$ 0.01

The latest status update by Lovelytrader2017 (10.March 2020)

Lovelytrader2017 review and conclusion

<strong>Lovelytrader2017 review</strong> Book Cover
Lovelytrader2017 review Country based: India 3690% ROI per 12.March 2020 Zulutrade

Based on the current performance we want to give Lovelytrader2017 5 stars.

Lovelytrader2017 looks like he can deliver and he is more than capable of keeping your profits up because he does not take big risks and he also implements a very small-return approach.

He usually trades manually, which gives him full control, especially when the trading markets are on high movement, but steps in on manual to protect your investments and to limit your losses, which on the trading market, are sometimes inevitable.

Always choose the long manual run because long-term investors always benefit from fluctuations.

He is definitely a great example of the Forex trade copier service.

Find Forexandprofits on Youtube where we have another review of Lovelytrader2017 and many other traders to copy online

What if I had invested $500?

There’s a simulator function in Zulutrade for desktop, that let’s us experiment with settings and see how different traders would perform based on your investment and lot settings.

Let’s run a quick scenario. What if I had invested $500 and followed Lovelytrader2017?

Simulator Lovelytrader2017
Simulator $500 with 0.5 mini lots would give 395 USD in profits after 6 months

The expected profit would have been $395, and the ROI earned would have been 78.9%. An investment of $500 would have turned into $895 in 6 months. Need more tips on picking the ideal trader to follow? Take your time and read our own tips and tricks.

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