copy trading war

Let’s begin the New year with a Copy Trading War

We hope you have enjoyed Christmas time with family and friends, and that you are ready to get back to business. We at Forex and Profits are ready too, and we have actually just launched a new copy trading war!

copy trading war

The concept

The 2 co-founders of Forex and Profits, Jackie and Trond, have decided to make this war happen. This a very exciting experiment, where they will run each their forex account with the same startup balance, and where they will find traders to follow. Everything will be completely transparent for our readers here. We will update you weekly on the site, as well we will share screenshots on social media. You will be able to see how much their weekly performance, history graphs, which traders they are following, lot sizes and currency pairs… And we will see how much an average copy trader can make…

What is copy trading?

Copy trading is a great way to make passive income while others are trading for you. Especially if you are busy or don’t want to spend all your time and energy on watching trades or your strategies have not been successful, then copytrading is for you! But following a trader means you need to trust him, and you need to have a plan A and B… It’s not that easy to just make the decision to copy a trader and then leave the trader alone… Most traders will fail sooner or later, so you should not just stick to one trader and think everything will be fine. You have as much responsibility for your account when you are letting other people trade for you as if you had traded on your own.

What is the Copy Trading War?

Here at Forex and profits we are always focusing on how to become a profitable trader, if that means trading manually or copytrading. We want to start “fresh” in 2020 with a new concept that can help everyone get new ideas on how to make money trading. That’s how we invented the Copy Trading War. We have already analyzed plenty of copy traders out there, and many of them are doing well, but what actually matters for everyone of us, is how a follower can make profits, and how much it is possible to make.

The rules

We have set up some very simple rules for how the copy trading war is going to work:

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  • System to be used: Zulutrade
  • Each participant will open a demo account with 10.000 USD in balance
  • Lot values will be set to 0.02 (2 micro lots)
  • Maximum number of traders will be set to 3
  • Any Zuluguard protection is turned off
  • Every week an evaluation of the performance will be taken
  • If any of the traders have broken their traditional way to trade, the trader will be replaced
  • All participants are free to replace traders at any time
  • Every week new screenshots of performance and history charts will be shared here on the site. In addition, several screenshots will be shared on social media
  • The deal? To make as much money as possible of course!

In the beginning this is a war between Jackie and Trond, the 2 co-founders of Forex and profits, but we invite anyone to join! Everyone is welcome to create a demo account with the same settings and follow the same rules.

Do you have suggestions on how to improve this competition? Let us know – share – comment and like in social media!

The Copy Trading War is already live!

Jackie and Trond have already opened their demo accounts, and the game can begin!

Jackie chose these 3 traders:

  • Beautycollar
    • 49 weeks on Zulutrade
    • ROI 63%
    • 1763 Pips
    • Maximum drawdown 276.7 Pips
    • Maximum open trades 2
    • Average Pips 8.1
  • Lounhart
    • 58 weeks on Zulutrade
    • ROI 38%
    • 6350.1 Pips
    • Maximun drawdown 1000 Pips
    • Maximum open trades 10
    • Average Pips 13.4 Pips
  • Greenvalley
    • 102 weeks on Zulutrade
    • ROI 239%
    • 25501 Pips
    • Maximum drawdown 4900 Pips
    • Maximum open trades 12
    • Avarage Pips 17

Trond chose these 3 traders:

  • Rydwaves
    • 159 weeks on Zulutrade
    • ROI 229%
    • 28430 Pips
    • Maximum drawdown 2400 Pips
    • Maximum open trades 44
    • Average Pips 16.7
  • Asha Pro
    • 21 weeks on Zulutrade
    • ROI 40%
    • 1851 Pips
    • Maximum drawdown 319.1 Pips
    • Maximum open trades 5
    • Average Pips 9.9
  • Magidoff
    • 57 weeks on Zulutrade
    • ROI 2846%
    • 7608 Pips
    • Maximum drawdown 1300 Pips
    • Maximum open trades 10
    • Average Pips 13.5

No doubt that these 6 traders have some great charts and performance stats, but will they continue to deliver in the new year?

Let’s declare the Copy Trading War officially open! The copy trading has just started, so please give us a few days, and we will begin to share screenshots of the accounts. We guarantee that some of these traders will deliver amazing results while others may do some terrible mistakes! You are in the middle of drama and will get all the latest updates.

Do you want to join us?

We challenge you! Does it sound interesting to trade on autopilot with experienced traders? Can you find better traders that deliver higher profits than we have found? We invite you to join our Copy Trading War for 2021. It’s not too late to apply.

We want to help you to find the best traders on the platform!
Step number 1:
Take the test – what trader suits you?


Before participating in Foreign Currency Trading (Forex Market) you must consider carefully the risks of the market, which has big rewards potential, yet is also extremely risky. Consider all the risks carefully before investing in the Forex Market. Remember that all the information and signals, prices and trade recommendations provided here on Forex and Profits is only general information and market commentary, thus, it does not incorporate investment advice.

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