Kevin James Trades – experiences by Forex and Profits members

Kevin James Trades – experiences by Forex and Profits members

Here are some Forex profits that we want to share with our readers: I would like to expand on “Kevin James Trades” signal service because he does a lot more than just provide signals and a psychological lift, not to mention the boost to your account when his trades cascade in. Kevin reports from the 14th February, 2018 to the 25th of May, 2018 he has accumulated 20,000 + pips on behalf of traders. Kevin has very specific rules to his service designed to give you a guide to successful and maximum profitable trades. He stresses trading is money management, trading psychology and trading method which he states although traders focus prinarily on the method, it is only 20% part of trading. Trading psychology plays 50% and money management takes up 30% of successful trading. In Kevin’s words “I say again and again, follow my signals like a robot, no greed, no fear, no emotions and no excitement. I guarantee you will make profit.” Kevin backs his signals up with a guarantee ..if you experience a losing month with his signals he will refund that month’s fee of $100 USD.

Kevin James Trades

Kevin James Trades work for accounts from $2.000 and up

Kevin also provides a “managed” account which require a minimum balance of 25K with a 30% profit sharing. For those with accounts of 50K and above the profit sharing is 20% with average gains of 5 – 8% per month.

The PAMM Account requires a minimum of $2,000 investment. No fee is required in this account and instead there is a profit sharing which is paid monthly to all investors. On a 50K and above account 20% of profits goes to the fund manager and 80% to the investor. Below 50K then 30% goes to the fund manager and 70% to the investor. Kevin tells his clients to expect 1,500 – 2,000 pips on average but that the actual average so far has been 5,000 pips per month.

Kevin James Trades

Amazing Forex profits this month

Add to the 20,000 + pips per month, this month’s achievement of a further profit of 3,024 pips on the GBP NZD trades and his record is impressive.

Best Trading Products

This is the “bones” of what Kevin James provides. What he further provides throughout is the information on how to achieve these pips yourself by sharing his knowledge of strategies, etc such as volume spread analysis, the COT Report.

Kevin James experiences by Forex and Profits

For myself, what he has provided is a relief to the bleeding I was experiencing in my own account. A stopping of the panic and frustration I was going through trying to trade and losing, giving me the time and focus to examine my own methods and find out where I was going wrong. The gained knowledge of what he has provided such as volume spread analysis to add to my own trading. The confidence that I am not a “loser”, but a beginner that has some knowledge and gaining more. The ability to sleep soundly and restfully without leaping out of bed at 3 am to check on my trades. The confidence that I too in my own time can gain the knowledge and skill to trade reasonably successfully. I will never be in Kevin’s, and experts like him, class of trader. I will never be a multi millionaire, but I will be able to successfully trade. Don’t take my word for it, read for yourself some of his client’s expressions of how they feel about Kevin’s trades.

Kevin James Trades

Update  – read before following this trader

We have received some complaints about this trader recently. Users have reported of high drawdowns, and some users have even blown their accounts.

Be careful: Don’t trust any trader or signal provider 100%. If they don’t deliver high quality signals any more, you should stop following them immediately.

ForexAndProfits allows people to write reviews and experiences with Forex signal providers. Have you any experience with this signal provider? We would like to hear from you right now. Feel free to leave a comment or write your own post.

New Update: What is going on with Kevin James Forex signals and his PAMM accounts?



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