Forex Signal Service Review

My experience: Kevin James Forex Signal Service Review

Kevin James Forex Signal Service Review

Name: Kevin James Forex Signal Service

Description: Forex Trading Signals. What he recommends for accounts smaller than 10,000 ... is ... 0.01 for the first trade .... 0.05 for the second trade on the same currency and if there is a third trade then 0.1 lot sizes

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Kevin James delivers lots of signals for the price of $ 100 per month.  It is a good and reliable service. His communication is also good.

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My personal experience using Kevin James Forex Signal Service Review: I have been using Kevin James Signal Service for the past 3 months. At first I started slow and did miss some signals as I had my own trades I was getting out of. The second month I did a bit better.. The third month I followed his trading signals totally. On one currency pair alone I gained 5,015 pips with seven entries. I can tell you my account took a very nice profitable jump and with more trades on my platform in profit.

How my Forex trading went earlier

I was struggling for a very long time.. Some months I would do alright and whatever I gained I seemed to lose the next month. Totally frustrated and feeling like giving it up, I took Kevin’s trades and traded at the lot size he recommended. Along the way I scalped using his trades as a guide. I can’t tell you how good it feels to see your account grow like it should. I have been able to rest up, and go back to researching different strategies I never had time to do before, and with ease, trade a demo account to refine those strategies.

What Kevin James offers in his Forex Signal Service Review

Forex Signal Service Review

Kevin James provides education as well, manuals on indicators etc and how to use them properly. He also has “managed accounts” where he trades the account himself and will be soon offering a PAMM account which would seem to provide a better benefit for small accounts. The one thing I did learn is to take all his trades without missing any and you will get the maximum effect. If you pick and choose you will make only a minimum amount of profit in comparison. He has his method of staggering his trades that brings in a waterfall of profits.

How much drawdown should you expect with Kevin James Signal Service?

The drawdown is minimal because of the way he staggers his trades which again allowed me the peace of mind to relax and put my mind to other things that needed looking after. If you are struggling .. or just plain getting tired of fretting over trades, or if you simply want to add good profit to your already profitable trading, I strongly suggest you give Kevin a try. Follow his rules and you will have a smile on your face at the end of the month.

If you want to work with Kevin James, you should visit his Facebook page here.

Updates – read before joining this trader

We have received some complaints about this trader recently. Users have reported of high drawdowns, and some users have even blown their accounts. We also checked the Myfxbook link in this article doesn’t work any more…

Be careful: Don’t trust any trader or signal provider 100%. If they don’t deliver high quality signals any more, you should stop following them immediately.

ForexAndProfits allows people to write reviews and experiences with Forex signal providers. Have you any experience with this signal provider? We would like to hear from you right now. Feel free to leave a comment or write your own post.

New Update: What is going on with Kevin James Forex signals and his PAMM accounts?



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