Let’s share another success story! I have used Investment Castle EA for MT5 since 9.April 2021. In account #1 (MT5) I run only 2 currency pairs:


In account #2 (MT4) I run XAUUSD (gold). Check out the results below!

#1 EA Investment Castle (MT5) trading EURUSD and USDCAD

#2 EA Investment Castle (MT4) trading gold

After testing different set files, I lost some money for the first weeks. I was down at $7000 (start balance was 10000).

After changing the set files again, the account sky rocketed up again to 10000 in one week – and recovered all the losses! I’m really excited to see how the next days and weeks will look like!

You can always check out the latest results below: (updated several times per day!)

#3 EA Investment Castle (MT5) EURUSD /USDCAD

investment castle results
On the official website you can find set files and other resources that can be helpful to be successful with Investment Castle

You can find all the set files on investmentcastle.com. I hope you find this information helpful. If you like Investment Castle EA, you will most likely also love GoldStuff which is another great EA.