Interview with Jackie Amable

Jackie Amable teamed up with Trond in May 2018, and has contributed articles and charts since then. Jackie loves to analyze the forex charts, and that is good for all the readers of Forex and Profits.

She is contributing with weekly updates of 15 currency pairs, which is highly appreciated by her followers. She is also active on our Telegram channel, and if you have any questions related to the charts, do not be scared to reach out to her.

You’re probably here on this page to learn more about Jackie, so we took the opportunity to ask her some questions – to share with you here.

How long have you been trading, Jackie?

– I have been a forex trader for approximately 6 years now.

How did you end up trading forex?

– My background was investing primarily in “penny mining stocks” concentrating on gold, silver and copper. I wanted to extend my horizon, and found forex quite interesting.

Why did you decide to create your own forex blog?

– I grew tired of the “experts” who dazzle you with technical terms and lots of flash that leave you confused and bewildered. I wanted a website where even newbies could understand what we are talking about.

Trading forex is not always easy, but at least we can make the explanations and terms way easier. I teamed up with Trond and together we created

What kind of trader are you?

– Trading for the past 6 years I have learned I am a short term trader. Not a scalper, although I don’t mind the odd scalp but definitely not a Swing trader.

What trading tools are your favorites?

– I use the Fibonaccis, RSI, ADX primarily as my favourite indicators along with trend lines. Always learning a new strategy and discovering the pitfalls along with them, always exploring the “patterns”, the rhythm of a currency. I try to keep trading simple, discard the noise and look to the end goal. Sometimes my strength is my downfall.

What makes you excited trading forex?

– When I win all my trades …. it feels like winning the lottery, that my analysis was right and that I am actually understanding the market.

When I make an analysis that is opposite from the “experts” and it goes my way, there is a sense of satisfaction that I get that all of these webinars, listening to “experts” etc have taught me something and while I may not always be right, I am getting more and more right as time goes on.

How does it feel when you have just won some amazing trades?

– What it gives me as a trader is confidence, a feeling of satisfaction.

There seems to be way more men than women in the forex industry. Do you think female forex traders trade differently?

– I don’t know about men but as a woman trading is the new “better than sex”. It is something not everyone can do, not everyone can understand or has the patience to learn. When you are somewhere and it comes out you trade forex it is surprising how the men gravitate to you to talk….

Finance and somehow the woman vs man thing is gone. It is traders talking almost like an exclusive club. Those women who are finance/business minded also gravitate to you.

How do you celebrate your winning trades?
– Telling my closest friends and having them congratulate me… If I have a great trading day of course there is a celebration, you’re so happy, a celebration of a special meal or going somewhere.

Is there a chance you can become too excited if you have only winning trades for a long time?

I don’t jump for joy and get all excited, it is more of a quiet feeling that is filled with confidence that I analyzed properly and then I want to learn more but most importantly I am learning to WAIT.. Wait for the set up, wait for everything to line up the way I need it to…

How do you handle a terrible forex day?

I don’t take well to losing, so I hang in like a pit bull. Some call that patience and it works out well for me. Then other times … well, not so well. I try to remember that old saying “sometimes your first loss is your cheapest loss”.

I have learned I don’t HAVE to get the very last pip in a trend. If my profit is decent then grabbing my profit and running for the exit is fine with me.

What new opportunities has Forex given you?

This has also given me the opportunity to meet people … like you Trond … all over the world. I have formed friendships from forex that are stronger then the casual friendships you form in real life, I guess because of the common bond of trading. I have learned about other cultures first hand from people I have met through forex.

Young people such as yourself don’t think of me as some old woman, but treat me as one of them, relevant, and worth something which as a woman when you get older is not something that usually happens.

What will you say to those people that say “I’m too old to start learning forex”?

I guess in a way especially learning this late in life when so many my age are retiring/withdrawing from “anything stressful”, satisfied to only worry about whether or not they should be doing housework, go shopping or take the dog for a walk. Many refuse to even turn on news stations as they do not want to listen to bad news. Their world getting smaller and smaller.

Learning this and becoming successful even in a small way keeps me alive, it shows me I have many more years ahead of me where I fade into doing nothing. It shows me I am not intellectually slowing down and it keeps me on top of the news and not afraid of facing anything that current events throw at me.

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