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How to write posts in WordPress – or just use Submit News

Hey all Forex And Profits members! We have made it easy to post news here on this site! Just Log in and Submit News. You find these options in the menu in the top of the page. This is the quickest way to post anything. You may write about your own trading experience, your current trades and share your results.

How to write posts in WordPress

If you are new as a WordPress user, the video below may be helpful. It shows you how to publish your very first post.

 Optimize your article with Squirrly Seo Live Assistant to get more views

We have installed Squirrly SEO plugin to make sure we are doing the right things so other traders can find us in the search engines. Here is a step by step video how to optimize your articles for Google, Bing and other search engines.

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This video covers how to write your first post in WordPress – a comprehensive guide, covering all the main features of the Add Post and Edit Post:

If you have any questions regarding how to write post in WordPress or the Submit News feature on the Forex And Profits site, feel free to use Our Contact Form.

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