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How Surewin88 has made 49,262 Pips during 8 years – copy traders review

So you’re ready to dive into the forex trading world but don’t know where to start? You’re in the right place.

Our expert online copy traders take the mystery out of the forex trading sign-up process and get you right to the most important things:

  • Who has the best trading performance?
  • Who has the most winning trades?
  • Who has the lowest necessary minimum equity?
  • Who has the lowest maximum drawdown?
  • Who has the lowest average time?
  • Who has the highest average Pips?
  • Who has the lowest max open trades?
  • Who has the most stable profits month after month?

If you’re looking for answers to all or some of those questions, we’ve got you covered. Our copy trader review experts have put in the time, traded Forex for a while, scoured the web and done the research to point you in the right direction.

Whether you just have started trading Forex, or have tons of experience in the currency markets, we all have the same main goal: becoming profitable in the Forex markets. This copy traders review will cover the history of a professional FX trader who became highly successful. His history is 100% transparent and we can go back 334 weeks! I will also provide you with tips on how to become profitable yourself!

How do I find profitable copy traders?

The best way to find profitable forex trading is to jump right into it and get a risk-free demo account. You will learn by a real example, and see how the copy traders affect your account based on your investment amount and lot settings. In this article, you’ll learn about what the most profitable copy traders have in common, and how they were able to achieve huge profits.

Best Trading Products

By studying profitable Forex traders you will learn a lot about how your copy traders can be taken to a completely new level.

While you may have heard statistics can be wrong and that most traders hide parts of their history, we have found a platform that is 100% transparent that is named Zulutrade. It shows all the drawdowns, months with losses and every slippage. Firstly, there may be difficult to analyze all of these data without the experience of the Forex market. But there is plenty of educational material and working Forex trading strategies available online to help you to improve your trading performance. I would highly recommend you to go ahead and sign up for a demo account in Zulutrade, where you can start copying a trader and get some experience of how it works without risking anything.

There are also free online trading materials available to traders. Forex and Profits offer the ‘Zulutrade Review course’ for beginner traders. This includes lesson #1 How to find the best trader to copy and lesson #2 Tips and tricks on how to use Zulutrade. Learn how to trade Forex in just 2 lessons! In addition, we have reviewed dozens of available copy traders already.

copy trader review, surewin 88 review

This is just not another copy traders review…

I haven’t done an official study, but I think the number of forex copier reviews out there is between the grains of sand on the earth and stars in the sky.

It isn’t hard to find real forex copier sites, but it’s nearly impossible to find unbiased reviews of them.

I’ve been in the forex copiers for more than a decade and I’ve learned that the best thing you can do is to find traders with solid performance and long experience trading and also experience how to recover after a loss.

Be honest that you’ve actually tested the forex copier you’re reviewing. Dig beyond the numbers and test what real traders and followers will deal with before they deposit their hard-earned money.

Keep reading to discover:

  • The only traders I trust in 2019
  • How I review forex copiers differently than everyone else
  • Which brokers are safe with your money

Surewin88 review

In today’s copy traders review, we have reached a real long runner named Surewin88 that has been around for 443 weeks.

We are asking the same question over and over: who are the best copy traders worth following?

Today I’m going to present the 259th Zulu Rank trader for you to copy, namely Surewin88.

Surewin88 has made amazingly 49,262 Pips during 443 weeks which is roughly 8 and 1/2 years on Zulutrade.

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Make sure to go through all details before choosing any trader, go ahead and view Surewin88’s historical trading performance on ZuluTrade over here.

Surewin88 facts box

Facts about this trader:

Name: Surewin88

Zulu Rank: #259

Amount Following: $135

Total Profit: 49,262 Pips

Weeks: 443

Investors: 20

surewin88 review, copy traders, trading statistics, zulutrade review

Described Zulutrade strategy for Surewin88:

  • Only one currency pair is traded: GBP/USD according to his profile
  • The strategy consists in the daily study of the market pattern plus the general information of the currency pair.
  • Manual Trade (Fundamental + Technical analysis)
  • Trading mostly on active hours
  • Stop-loss is 500 points according to the traders’ strategy description
  • Take Profit depends on the market volatility, but the trader has a vision:
  • Our mission of target profit per month is grab 500 pips or more

  • The duration of operations is short, medium and long term according to market conditions.
  • Maximum 10 trades will open when necessary according to the description, but maximum opened trades in the past were 24
  • No recommended lot sizes are mentioned in the description,  but the trader has a personal warning:
  • So control your lot size and manage your capital risk when you follow my signal.

  • Fixed: No data is given by the trader
  • Pro-Rata: No data is given by the trader

This trader is from Malaysia and is writing his strategy in English.

performance of trading, surewin88 review, copy traders

The performance shows a transparent history perspective of Keyolinjs. Some months he has huge losses and other months he may have big profits too. In the longer run, he is able to recover and make good profits. The last few months show good profits every month, 577 Pips in August 2665 Pips in September and 4131 Pips in October – while there are some open drawdown -1599 Pips for the moment.

Pro aspects following Surewin88

Surewin88 has been on Zulutrade since January 2012 and is one of the most experienced traders on the entire platform. This trader has a really impressive set of details for starters. He has been active on ZuluTrade for over 443 weeks (at the time of the writing) and it is obvious that he is definitely a senior trader and seasoned trader which is worth following any time. Winning trades are 1008 (92%) which is very high. The maximum drawdown is 21100 which is insane and shows that it may be extremely risky to follow this trader, especially if you have just a small account. The average trade time is 2 weeks, and this shows that he keeps the trades for a long time instead of closing them early. Necessarily minimum equity is $2689, so this trader is not for budget investors. He usually prefers both manual and automatic trading, but he likes using a direct, live and manual trading account because he is placing orders very fast and manages them even faster and tracks only high scores for the benefit of the follower. He has all the necessary experience in the financial management branch. This experience lifts our series of Forex copier Reviews to an entirely different new level based on well-developed strategies that he implements on a daily basis.

He has an astonishing profit of 49,262 Pips, which makes him an amazing option on anybody’s list.

He is only followed by 20 investors for the moment, and that’s probably because of some big losses in the past, his worst year was 2014, but he has recovered well afterward. Surewin88 is back at his all-time-high level 47,650 Pips right now.


trading history, surewin88 review, copy traders

Con aspects following Surewin88

A negative aspect is that he has some losses and this needs a little bit of care, but it is more than clear that the positive side is far stronger than the negative side. If you have a small account you should be very careful, as we can see has got a shocking drawdown of 21,000 Pips earlier.

The average pip gain for this trader stands at 45.1, which is very high and should be more than enough to bring profits for his followers as well. This trader opens a maximum of 24 trades at once.

He currently has a open drawdown of 1594 Pips which is a lot, especially if you have a small account, but at least he shows potential in jumping above this negative ratio fast.

currency pairs, surewin88 review, copy traders


Zulutrade review conclusion – Is Surewin88 worth to follow?

Yes: 71%

No: 29%

I think Surewin88 is a very solid performer on Zulutrade and he definitely needs to be given a try. I would respond: 71% Yes – 29% No!

Surewin88 looks like he can keep your profits up and he takes tiny risks and also uses a small-return approach. He usually makes use of EA, which is somewhat good especially when the trading markets are on a high movement, but immediately steps in on manual to protect your investments.

He is definitely a great example of the trading community as well as for the copy trader service.

Short- term investors looking for a quick profit, run the risk values might end up having their funds erased quickly so use a lot of caution.

Always choose the long manual run because long-term investors always benefit from fluctuations.

Which broker is safe with your money?

Be always very careful when choosing a broker. I spent a long time finding a good one, and afterward, I have not been looking any further. I kindly ask you to check out these 5 steps to find a trusted forex broker.

I personally use AAAFx and you read more about why I like this company – check out a good broker review here. We have also reviewed many other Zulutade Reviews. Hopefully, this series of forex copier reviews are helpful for you. We would be happy if you like, comment and share this post with your friends and other like-minded traders out there!

Are you not convinced if Keyolinjs is the best trader to follow for you?

Not everyone likes the same kind of traders to follow and I completely understand that you may have other preferences. I have made a longer article with my 21 favorite traders in 2019 here.



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