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How are the Copy Trading War results after the first 3 weeks?

3 weeks have gone by since we launched one of the biggest news ever here on forex and profits, our brand new Copy Trading War. From time to time we are going to show you our results, and give our honest opinion if the selected traders are worth following or not.

Who is copy trading for?

Copy trading is ideal for busy people with a full time job and family. Not everyone has time to study forex, and forex education may be both expensive and time consuming.

Trading manually also requires lots of discipline and it’s easy to be caught by your own psychology. If you don’t have a very clear trading plan, you may end up having plenty of trades in drawdown – too many trades at the same time going against you which can lead to a margin call…

By copying experienced traders you can rest assured that trades will open and close automatically in your account,  and it would not be that important to check your account often. Following traders is not risk-free either, as the traders you follow are just humans after all, and they may make mistakes. Many signal providers claim to have long time experience and profits, but many providers are not transparent. On Zulutrade, you have access to all statistics from the very beginning the trader started to trade at Zulutrade. You actually have the opportunity to find  a trader that suits your trading style. That’s why it’s very important to spend time on finding good traders to follow, check their history and performance carefully. Keep in mind, the past is always past – never put your lot sizes too high, as the future trades may look different, and spread your risk by copying more than just one trader.

How we found traders to rely on for our Copy Trading War

Jackie and Trond decided to open a demo account of 10.000 USD each, and choose 3 traders each. We read the statistics of the most popular traders (based on the ranking list). We analyzed their average performance, average pips per trade and checked their transparent history.

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Then we added the traders to our portfolio and chose one of the lowest lot settings available (2 micro lots for each trader). The main reason for opening a demo account is to learn how it works without risking your own money. There is no point in setting unrealistic values, as we know how easy it is to over trade and lose your hard earned money in the forex business.

So that was it. Pick traders and set this up on autopilot. We have only logged in once a week to make sure the demo accounts don’t expire. (Demo accounts on Zulutrade require at least one manual ZTP trade within 14 days, so we just open and close a manual trade once a week.)

The copy trading war results – after 3 weeks

The results are quite tight after following the same traders for 3 weeks. Jackie’s account has an equity of 10.079,27 USD (and -40.50 USD in open trades) while Trond’s equity is 10.069,76 USD (and 0.58 USD in open trades).

For Jackie, Green Valley is the trader that has performed the best, with 128.90 in profits, while Lounhart has made 13.36 USD in profits. On the other side, Beautycollar had a small loss with -20.76 USD so far.

copy trading war

Here you can see how Jackie’s traders performed in Pips.

copy trading war history

For Trond, Asha Pro has delivered 40.40 USD in profits, while Magidoff has 33.53 USD and Rydwaves 7.0 USD.

Here you can see how Trond’s traders delivered in Pips.

copy trading war history

Do you want to join us?

We challenge you! Does it sound interesting to trade on autopilot with experienced traders? Can you find better traders that deliver higher profits than we have found? We invite you to join our Copy Trading War for 2021. It’s not too late to apply.

We want to help you to find the best traders on the platform!

Step number 1:

Take the test – what trader suits you?


Create a demo account or live account on Zulutrade – with 10.000 USD – and follow 3 traders with 2 micro lots for each trade.

Contact us on Facebook or Telegram and tell us a little bit about yourself and why you want to join us.
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