Goldtrader review

Goldtrader review

Are you trading gold? How is your trading going? There are copytraders you can follow that are very successful trading gold.

Now we will have a look at Goldtrader, another copytrader service on ZuluTrade, which has earned impressively 27,817 Pips on a real account during his first 42 weeks on Zulutrade.

Goldtrader review | Is Goldtrader a Zulutrade service worth following or not?

Goldtrader review
Goldtrader review – we focus on profits and performance in this review

Low ranking for Goldtrader – is that negative?

This Zulu trader ranks #3326. Why is he not ranking better? It’s actually very surprising, because this trader has not done any big mistakes, and has been on Zulutrade for almost a year. That is quiet impressing in itself. Drawdowns also look good, so there is no real reason for this low ranking. I think the only reason must be that people haven’t found this trader yet. A low ranking is not anything you should worry about. I have seen many top-rated traders that fail and can’t handle the popularity, and do terrible mistakes afterwards. As long as this trader is delivering stable results and stay loyal to his strategy, I don’t see any problem here.

Goldtrader has delivered great monthly results since he joined Zulutrade in July 2019.

Check his profits and performance in this review!

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goldtrader review
Great results for Goldtrader since July 2019

A closer look at Goldtrader

Be sure to go through all details before choosing any trader, go ahead and view Goldtrader historical trading performance on ZuluTrade.

Facts about Goldtrader:

  • Zulu Rank: #3326
  • Amount Following: $33,254
  • Total Profit: 27,817.8 pips
  • Weeks: 42
  • Investors Right Now: 63
goldtrader stats
The main statistics of Goldtrader: 85% winning trades. 257 trades in total. Average trade time is 2 hours. Average Pips 108.

Who is Goldtrader and what is his forex strategy?

  • uses a trading system that trades XAUUSD and XAUEUR
  • he is always buying gold, he never sells gold
  • stops are generally placed
  • trades would be closed before a 20% draw-down is reached
  • expects to close trades between 16% and 18% draw-down
  • Does not use Martingale or Grid strategy
  • Average trading time is 2 hours
  • Trades are 50% EA based and 50% manual
  • Open trades are manually closed
  • Experienced trader since July 2019 on Zulutrade
  • Trading 2 pairs, only gold pairs
  • Maximum open trades at a time 7
  • No recommended settings are suggested, but we can see his own balance is $3856. Leverage is 400:1. He has made $756 on his live account.

Update on his social page:

On my MT4 the lot sizing is 0.01 per $500 traditionally, however the gold pairs have seen some very high spreads across most brokers recently and more volatility, so it is now 0.01 lots per $1000 approximately. I think you can trade smaller account sizes with micro lots, which would mean you could trade on $100. Regards, Cameron

Social Page of Goldtrader, updated on the 28th of April 2020

Disclaimer: Please note – the information is based on what the trader himself has written in the trader’s description. We are not responsible for any given information in this article. Forex and Profits is about helping like-minded traders find information that can be useful from other sources, in this case – from ZuluTrade.

goldtrader social page on zulutrade
If you have any questions, it seems to be easy to get in touch with him on the social page on Zulutrade.

Almost one year on Zulutrade

Goldtrader is a great example of a successful trader, and he has plenty of trading knowledge to back up history. All trading history is transparent on Zulutrade, and you can verify his 257 trades yourself. He has been active on ZuluTrade since July 2019, and it is clear that he is a seasoned trader that is worth following.

What to expect of Goldtrader’s trading style

Goldtrader uses mostly very short transactions. In most cases he keeps the positions for some minutes up to some few hours. It appears to be manual trading in 50% of the cases and he controls them easily by placing maximum 7 trades at the same time.

gold trader trading pairs
Currency pairs traded by Safe Trading79 include XAU USD and XAG USD, the 2 gold pairs.

Goldtrader’s favorite currency pair seems to be XAU USD, which makes more than 90% of his trading portfolio. We like that he only buys gold when he sees the bullish trend is there, and he seldom fails. His experience definitely lifts the trade copier service to an entirely different new level based on well-developed strategies that he implements in this trading sessions. He has plenty of experience in the financial trading branch.

He has an outstanding profit of 27,817 Pips on his real trading account, which makes him a great option on any follower’s list.

Especially recommended for small investors with budget that as the drawdown seems to be well controlled. Necessary minimum equity is only $87 according to his the Zulutrade algorhytms.

goldtrader performance
Goldtrader delivers stable results every month. No exception until now, so we don’t know how he handles recovery moments. Goldtrader actually had his best month ever on Zulutrade in August 2019 with 6049 Pips in profits.

He is followed by reasonable number of 63 investors which means that he is trusted by a lot of market participants and is more than able to bring great results for forex moneymakers. After all, he is currently ranked number #3326.

Con aspects

A negative aspect here is that he has some losses. Nothing wrong with this, but it requires a little bit of care. His maximum drawdown is -1000 Pips.

It is more than clear that the positive side is far stronger than the negative side and he is still a very good option for any follower to pick.

He currently has no open positions. You may consider following him now. This may be the perfect timing start for anyone to follow, he shows potential in keeping above the negative ratio.

Goldtrader review and conclusion

Goldtrader review Book Cover
Goldtrader review on Zulutrade Since July2019

Goldtrader looks like he can deliver and he is more than capable of keeping your profits up because he does not take big risks and he also implements a very small-return approach.

He usually trades more than 50% of his trades manually, which gives him good control, especially when the trading markets are on high movement, but steps in on manual to protect your investments and to limit your losses, which on the trading market, are sometimes inevitable. Since all currency pairs have their own personality and behavior, Goldtrader knows perfectly well his two golden pairs. This is his expertise. If you want to trade gold and enjoy great profits when the gold is going up, then you should definitely consider choosing Goldtrader.

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What if I had invested $10,000?

There’s a simulator function in Zulutrade for desktop, that let’s us experiment with settings and see how different traders would perform based on your investment and lot settings.

Let’s run a quick scenario. What if I had invested $10.000 and followed Safe Trading79?

goldtrader simulator
Simulation of Goldtrader shows you would have made 307,683 USD if you invested 10,000 USD in July2019

The expected profit would have been a stunning $297,683, and the ROI earned would have been 2,976.8%. An investment of $10,000 would have turned into $307,683 in less than 12 months. Need more tips on picking the ideal trader to follow? Take your time and read our own tips and tricks.

Want to join our copytrading war?

Did you know there is a copy trading war going on? We invite you to join us. This is a great, and free, way to learn everything about copytrading and get valuable skills before you start investing with real money. Our team will give you all the guidance and assistance you need. You can read more about this unique opportunity here.

Frequently asked questions about Goldtrader

What is the minimum amount to follow all the orders of Goldtrader?

This question has already been asked on Goldtrader’s social page: “On my MT4 the lot sizing is 0.01 per $500 traditionally, however the gold pairs have seen some very high spreads across most brokers recently and more volatility, so it is now 0.01 lots per $1000 approximately. I think you can trade smaller account sizes with micro lots, which would mean you could trade on $100. Regards, Cameron”

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