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Follow Toro1428 on ZuluTrade today – Forex trade copier service

For today’s Forex Trade Copier Service on ZuluTrade we present Toro1428.

Many ask the same question over and over: which is the best ZuluTrader worth following?

Today we are going to introduce the 17th Zulu Rank trader for you to copy, namely Toro1428.

We honestly believe that this trader has everything you, for your wallet and for your success. Follow us and you will find out all that you need to know about this successful trader.

Be sure to go through all details before choosing any trader, go ahead and view Toro1428 historical trading performance on ZuluTrade over here.

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forex trade copier service

Facts about this trader:

Name: Toro1428

Zulu Rank: #17

Amount Following: $1,120,488

Total Profit: 20,940.1 Pips

Weeks: 228

Investors: 901


Described Forex Trade Copier Service strategy for Toro1428:

  • He begins his presentation by saluting everyone and welcoming them on his page.
  • He states that his strategy is always based on a solid and robust technical analysis background.
  • He keeps a watchful eye on the trading charts for as much as 3 to 4 hours a day.
  • Only after gathering enough data about the trading sentiment will he jump into trading with opened positions.
  • He feels confident that the usual lifespan of the positions is somewhere between 2 to 3 days, depending on the variations on the chart.
  • There are some trading positions which can be opened in the same pair if profitable.
  • This strategy is usually meant to bring sure profits.
  • He states that the drawdown levels can be presented in a manner of ways.
  • He feels certain that 0.01 lot can be handled for every $500.
  • Fixed: you will require $700 to copy all of the trader’s positions with 1 micro lot each and 100:1 leverage.
  • Pro-Rata: you will require $15,000 to copy all of the trader’s positions with 100% ratio and 100:1 leverage.

Pro aspects

This trader has a really impressive set of details for starters he has been active on ZuluTrade for over 208 weeks (at the time of the writing) and it is obvious that he is definitely a senior trader and seasoned trader which is worth following any time. He usually prefers both manual and automatic trading, but he prefers using a direct, live and manual trading account because he is placing orders very fast and manages them even faster and tracks only high scores for the benefit of the follower. He has all the necessary experience in the financial management branch. This experience lifts the Forex trade copier service to an entire different new level based on well developed strategies that he implements on a daily basis.

He has an astonishing profit of 1.281,833 Pips, which makes him an amazing option on anybody’s list.

He is followed by an incredible number of 901 investors which means that he is trusted by many market participants and it is more than able to bring strong results.

Con aspects

A negative aspect is that he has some losses and this needs a little bit of care, but it is more than cleat that the positive side is far stronger than the negative side.

The average pip gain for this trader stands at 2.9, which is ok, not amazing, but still rather good. There is a moderate slippage of 2.5, but this suggests only that the losses are swiftly covered.

He currently has a maxim drawdown of 4039.7 Pips which is rather good, but at least he shows potential in jumping above this negative ratio fast.

forex trade copier service

Final Verdict – Is following Toro1428 a good idea? We respond: 100% Yes – 0 % No!

Toro1428 looks like he can keep your profits up and he takes little risks and also uses a small-return approach. He usually makes use of EA, which is somewhat good especially when the trading markets are on a high movement, but immediately steps in on manual to protect your investments.

He is definitely a great example for the trading community as well as for the Forex trade copier service.

Short- term investors looking for a quick profit, run the risk values might end up having their funds erased quickly so use a lot of caution.

Always choose the long manual run because long-term investors always benefit from fluctuations.

Follow Toro1428 on ZuluTrade
  • Toro1428 has a profit of 20.941 Pips!
  • This trader has a solid amount following of $1,120,488
  • He is followed by 901 traders!
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