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Follow chunyffs333 on ZuluTrade today – Forex trade copier service

For today’s Forex Trade Copier Service on ZuluTrade we present chunyffs333.


Many ask the same question over and over: which is the best ZuluTrader worth following?

Today we are going to introduce the 2nd ZuluRank trader for you to copy, namely chunyffs333.

forex trade copier service

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We honestly believe that this trader has everything for you, for your wallet and for your success. Follow us and you will find out all that you need to know about this successful trader.


Facts about this trader:

Name: chunyffs333

Zulu Rank: #2

Amount Following: $539,593

Total Profit: 1,302.4 Pips


forex trade copier service

Described forex trade copier service strategy for chunyffs333:

  • He presents his investment philosophy as a very intricate set of methods and techniques.
  • For him the art of investment represents the complete sum of all major trading arts.
  • He states that a keen eye is the very definition of a trading success because opportunities are always surrounding him.
  • He feels certain that he is a well read strategic provider and all of his investments are made under the premise of ensuring before all other actions, your monetary safety.
  • He considers his strategies to be highly responsible for his followers.
  • He believes that becoming rich fast is an element of fantasy and it cannot be acquired in a short period of time.
  • With the passing of some time he guarantees that, with patience, your monetary funds will greatly increase.
  • This trader firmly believes that holding the right investment philosophy with a solid strategy will lead you together to success.


You will require 50 USD to copy all the positions with 1 micro lot each and 100:1 leverage.


You will require 500 USD to copy all the positions with 100% ratio and 100:1 leverage.

Pro aspects

This Trader has been active on ZuluTrade for 54 weeks (at the time of the writing) and we can all agree that he is a good trader worth copying. He is also implementing a live trading account thus he is placing orders with his own funds.

Chunyffs333 boasts a good number of over 352 investors which, by any means, highlights the fact that this trader is trusted by many market participants and thus the forex trade copier service is raised to a whole new level.

One of the best aspects about this trader is that he has almost all winning trading positions.

Con aspects

The first problem here is that his “described strategy” is mostly marketing techniques, robust words, beautiful lines about strategies and equilibrium, but no technical data, just a raw cut of marketing words.

In this period he has generated a total net profit of more than 1,302.4 pips which is extremely poor for such a seasoned trader, however this also shows balance and equilibrium which is a good side to it.

The average pip gain for this trader stands at 6.1, which is fairly good, not amazing, but good. A high slippage of 3.1, but this suggests that the profits are swiftly covered.

He currently has a value of 31.9 pips which is low but at least it’s possible to keep to the positive side.


Final Verdict – Is following chunyffs333 a good idea? We respond: 80% Yes – 20% No!


Chunyffs333 looks like he applies a method of high-risk and high-return approach. He uses EA, which is very good especially when the trading markets are on high movement but keep in mind, it can also be extremely risky when the markets are consolidating and the forex trade copier service can be affected in a negative manner.

Short- term investors looking for a quick profit, run the risk values might end up having their funds erased quickly so use a lot of caution. Always choose the long run because long-term investors always benefit from fluctuations.

Be sure to go through all details before choosing any trader, go ahead and view chunyffs333historical trading performance on ZuluTrade over here.

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