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EUR USD is trading very low today close to 1.1720

Are you looking for a currency pair that has reached its’ bottom and is ready to climb up quickly? Imagine if you could make some great Pips on the EUR USD currency pair already today! 

Here I will share why I think EUR USD is the best trading tips of today. I will explain in details why EUR USD most probably will go up right now.

EUR USD Trading guidelines

  • The shared currency pair will be losing a lot of speed mainly because of the trading data released earlier in Germany.
  • The greenback will continue to shadow the 94.30 zone.
  • The release of the EMU and the ZEW in Germany failed to match July’s predictions.

According to today the EUR USD shared currency pair is trading on the lower side of the trading chart in the close vicinity of the 1.1720 level and it is already showing some serious signs of moving downwards close to the 1.1700 level.

EUR/USD became weak after the ZEW Survey data

Analysts and traders in the European Union have recently concluded that EUR/USD has managed to fail all the positive levels gained in yesterday’s trading session thus leaving behind the 1.1800 level.

On top of this the EUR single currency is now building a lot of steam because of the release of the EMU ZEW data in Germany which came out to be under most expectations for the current month. In other words the Current Conditions in Germany have landed close to the 72.4 value and the Economic Sentiment is now close to a negative value -24.2, at the same time the Economic feeling in the European Union has also fallen close to the negative value of -18.7.

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At the same time across the ocean in the United States the US Dollar seems to be gathering its strength for the New York trading session and USD Index has shown some improvements and has posted a value close to the 94.00 zone recovering from 93.60.

Let us know how do you feel about the weak data released earlier today in Germany? How about the US index recovery for the NY trading session? Will the EUR/USD continue to lose ground?


Highest level = 1.1764

Lowest level = 1.1692

Our Trading Predictions

We advise you to:

  • Sell 15%
  • Buy 85%

S3 = 1.1668 S2= 1.1701 S1 = 1.1724

R1 = 1.1844 R2 = 1.1815 R3 = 1.1781


EUR/USD significant trading levels

For the time being the EUR/USD shared currency pair is going downwards by a negative value of -0.24% and it is trading in the close vicinity of the 1.1724 level therefore by jumping over the 1.1715 level this will clear the trading path towards the 1.1670 point followed close up by the 1535 point.

On other side of the table there are several solid levels starting with the 1.1791 point continuing with the 1.1853 point and lastly ending with the 1.1854 level.

We value your opinion very much. Let us know how you feel about our predictions? Do you think EUR USD will go up today? Leave us your comments now!


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