EUR USD has managed to climb close to 1.1750

Are you searching for a strong currency which is racing upwards on the trading chart? Guess what? Now you can make some great Pips on the EUR USD currency pair!

Here I will share what I believe about the EUR/USD movement on the trading chart today. I will explain in details why this is going to happen and how can it be in your advantage.

EUR/USD Trading highlights

According to today the EUR/USD shared currency pair is trading a lot higher than yesterday and has managed to climb upwards all the way close to the 1.1750 point

  • EUR/USD shared currency pair is keeping a strong grip on the 1.1750 level and is not showing and signs of retreating in the near future.
  • In the United States the US DXY index is deploying all effort in jumping past 94.50.
  • The US Fed is bringing strong news about the Senate Banking Committee.

EUR/USD analysts now believe that the shared currency pair will deploy all of its effort in keeping a strong positive stance above the 1.1750 trading zone but there are several rumors that the trading cross will once again return to its comfort zone which is close to the 1.1730 value.

EUR USD, forex forecast

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EUR/USD is waiting for US Fed Powell take a stand

EUR/USD traders now feel confident that the shared currency pair will be under a lot of buying pressure and this will ultimately help create a solid area around the 1.1715 value.

At the same time in the United States the US Dollar it still going low around the 94.10 value because of the meeting between Trump and Putin which did not manage to offer and solid ground as to how a future trade deal will look.

Surprisingly there is a lot of solid influence coming in from the US Fed Mr. Powell’s who is having his annual testimony before the Senate on Capitol Hill and everyone will keep a close eye on the releases of Industrial Production data along with the NAHB figures as well as the TIC data.

Let us know how do you feel about the meeting between Trump and Putin? What was the reason to discuss about the Email scandals and the 2016 election instead of discussing about a new trade deal between the two states?  How about the lack of data from the European Union? Will the EUR/USD lose the 1.1750 level?

Highest level = 1.1765

Lowest level = 1.1696

Our Trading Predictions

We advise you to:

  • Sell 30%
  • Buy 70%

S3 = 1.1562 S2= 1.1583 S1 = 1.1634

R1 = 1.1711 R2 = 1.1732 R3 = 1.1781

EUR/USD significant trading levels

For the time being the EUR/USD shared currency pair is going upwards by a positive value of +0.21% and it is trading in the close vicinity of the 1.1745 level therefore by jumping past the 1.1745 level this will clear the path towards the 1.1793 point followed close up by the 1.1853 level.

On the other side of the table there are several solid points starting with the 1.1664 point continuing with the 1.1612 level and lastly ending with the 1.1528 point.

We value your opinion very much so please let us know how you feel about our predictions? Follow us and become a better trader!


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