EUR USD stops for some fresh air before jumping to 1.1810

EUR/USD Trading guidelines

  • The currency pair lost the momentum it had towards the 1.1800 zone.
  • The trading pace has managed so far to add some grip in low greenback zone close to 93.60.
  • President Mario Draghi from the European Central Bank has recently declared that the economic basics continue to stay solid in the upcoming week.

According to EUR USD traders now feel confident that the loss on the trading chart will jump up again in the near future The movement of the trading cross in the European Union trading session has managed to underline that the shared currency pair will be running out of steam at the beginning of the next trading week and it will fall back down to the 1.1770 level at first and most probably close to 1.1760 point after making an attempt to reach the 1.1800 trading area.

How do you feel about this lack of momentum of the EUR/USD? Let us know in the comments below.


EUR/USD continues to hold its ground close to the 1.1800 area

EUR/USD analysts have recently concluded that after the shared currency pair reached the 1.1800 level it has lost some of its speed just as the trading session began, many of the recent gains have been lost and there are solid data that the currency pair will jump towards the 1.1770 level soon enough and the tradingĀ band will be on some recovery status.

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Just ahead of the European Parliament hearing, President of the European Central Bank Mr. Mario Draghi has stated that the economic base will continue to stay as solid as possible and that there are some risks looming over the horizon it continue to stay in state of equilibrium. Mr. Draghi also mentioned that there are some asset acquisitions in the near future.

In the meantime in the European Union news headlines stay pinned on the German Chancellor Angela Merkel who has announced that there is no solid economic base between the United States and the European Union, this comes as no surprise because US President Donald Trump tour of the EU is just around the corner.

As for the regional news the Sentix Index which evaluates the Investor Confidence came in accordance with all the neutral levels.

High = 1.1814

Low = 1.1740

Our Trading Predictions

We advise you to:

Sell 21%

Buy 89%

S3 = 1.1608 S2= 1.1644 S1 = 1.1695

R1 = 1.1801 R2 = 1.1814 R3 = 1.1782


EUR/USD significant trading levels

Right now the EUR/USD shared currency pair is going upwards by a small positive value of +0.19% and it is trading in the close vicinity of the 1.1765 level and it is going to try to make a jump towards the 1.1792 level followed close up by the 1.1853 point and lastly the 1.1854 level.

OnĀ  the other side of the table by jumping over the 1.1718 barrier this will clear the path towards the 1.1662 level at first followed close up by the 1530 point.

We value your opinion very much let us know how you feel about our predictions?


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