How to trade with profits? EUR JPY and AUD USD forex live charts this week


If you trade currency pairs and forex, you have probably asked yourself this question: How to trade with profits? Today we present the Forex live charts for EUR/JPY and AUD/USD. Newbies who are learning how to day trade should read our many guides and insights and study different charting software and tools. Experienced intraday traders can explore more advanced topics such as automated trading and how to make a living on the financial markets. The golden key is to have a strategy that actually works, and if you have that and combine it with fresh forex signals, you can make some amazing Pips already this week!

how to trade with profits on the eur jpy

EUR JPY Forex trading tips 15.-21. November

I use pivot points and target trading for the direction of trades for my forex analysis. Let’s check where the EUR JPY may lead us for the next days and weeks.

DAILY has broken a very long down trend line and come back down in a serious movement to 119.475. It looks like it is on it’s way down to the .786 at 118.004 which is only 153 pips away and easily achieved on the daily. However, the .618 at 118.762 is 77 pips away and more likely where it will swing back up to the down trend line.  The rsi is in the buy zone and dipping even below that indicating more downward movement is to come before it starts climbing back up.

how to trade with profits on the eur jpy Daily
EUR JPY Daily charts

HOURLY  shows this pair has been steadily climbing down alongside the down trend line for some time but has now made a significant move up towards the down trend line. If it crosses the down trend line then it should keep going to the .618 at 119.851 which is 40 pips up, the .786 is at 119.998.  If it does not cross the down trend line then it should bounce back down and should reach the 1.618 at 118.846, which is 65 pips down.  With the rsi almost at the sell zone it looks like this pair will be heading down soon.

how to trade with profits on the eur jpy Hourly
eur jpy Daily

AUD USD Forex trading tips 15.-21. November

Daily shows this pair has made a significant down move crossing an up trend line in the meantime.  It has also seemed to have formed a channel between 0.69278 and 0.66686 and will bounce in between this channel until it makes up it’s mind which way it wants to go.  The rsi is in the buy zone but looks like it is going to take it’s time to recover back up the ladder towards the down trend line.

how to trade with profits on the Aud Usd Daily
Aud Usd Daily

Hourly shows this pair has made a down movement and gone past the .270 and come back up in a small retracement.  The .618 at 0.67510 is 34 pips further down and easily reachable.  With the rsi in the sell zone this pair should make it’s way to the .618 before it climbs back up to the down trend line.

how to trade with profits on the Aud Usd Hourly
Aud Usd Hourly

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