How to trade with profits? EUR JPY forex live charts this week

If you trade currency pairs and forex, you have probably asked yourself this question: How to trade with profits? Today we present the Forex live chart for EUR/JPY. Newbies who are learning how to day trade should read our many guides and insights and study different charting software and tools. Experienced intraday traders can explore more advanced topics such as automated trading and how to make a living on the financial markets. The golden key is to have a strategy that actually works, and if you have that and combine it with fresh forex signals, you can make some amazing Pips already this week!

how to trade with profits on the eur jpy

EUR JPY Forex trading tips 

I use pivot points and target trading for the direction of trades for my forex analysis. Let’s check where the EUR JPY may lead us for the next days and weeks.

MONTHLY shows this pair made a solid move down of 2,216 pips crossing an up trend line. It retraced up a bit and is headed back down. The rsi has left the sell zone and is just starting it’s trip. This pair should go to the .270 at 111.209 giving 606 pips. If it goes to the 1.618 that would give 1,220 pips.

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DAILY shows this pair has been following a down trend line for some time now. It broke the .270 at 115.046 and then retraced back up. It appears it is ready to make another down turn and head for the 1.618 at 113.380 which would give 400 pips. If it goes to just the .270 at 115.046 this would give 230 pips. The rsi is on the sell zone and looks like it is ready to move downward.

HOURLY shows this pair has been ranging between 117.550 and 117.058 after a large down movement. It is also sitting between two up trends. With the rsi in the middle and headed to the sell zone it should move up. If it moves up only to the top of the range, that would give 18 pips. If it should break the range and go to the .618 this would give 31 pips.

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