how to trade with profits on the eur jpy

EUR JPY forex live charts this week |How to trade with profits?

Today we present the updated Forex live chart for EUR JPY.

If you trade currency pairs and forex, you have probably asked yourself this question: How to trade with profits? Newbies who are learning how to day trade should read our many guides and insights and study different charting software and tools.

Experienced intraday traders can explore more advanced topics such as automated trading and how to make a living on the financial markets. The golden key is to have a strategy that actually works, and if you have that and combine it with fresh forex signals, you can make some amazing Pips already this week!

how to trade with profits on the eur jpy

EUR JPY Forex trading tips 

I use pivot points and target trading for the direction of trades for my forex analysis. Let’s check where the EUR JPY may lead us for the next days and weeks.

MONTHLY shows this pair has one target at 118.055 – 534 pips below the current position. The rsi and cmo are in the middle and appear to be going down to the buy zone. .

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Weekly shows no target in this time zone therefore no trade is recommended in this time zone.

DAILY shows it has 2 targets. The first target is at 124.538 – 118 pips above the current position;, the second target is at 123.919 – 58 pips up from the current position. The rsi and cmo are in the the buy zone and will soon move up to the sell zone.

EUR JPY in the news

Updated 27.October 2020: EURJPY is now boosted by Weak Japanese Inflation and Strong Eurozone PMIs, according to InvestingCube.

adx indicator eurjpy
The ADX indicator is still in sell mode for the EURJPY. You see several strong sell trends recently for this currency pairs. Using the adx indicator is really a helpful tool to find good sell trades!
EUR JPY shows incomplete sequence from May 4 low favoring more upside.

EUR/JPY rates are starting to probe through its recent swing highs. The EUR/JPY rally has carried price back through a significant area of interest in recent years, between 123.65 and 123.88, an area that proved to cap price action during the EUR/JPY rally in late-May/early-June. Now, EUR/JPY rates are finding resistance around the June swing high, and the uptrend from September 2012, September 2016, and January 2019 swing lows.

DailyFX:  Recent changes in sentiment warn that the current EUR/JPY price trend may soon reverse lower despite the fact traders remain net-short.

EUR/JPY is losing some upside momentum. But intraday bias still stay on the upside for 1.8% projection of 114.42 to 124.43 from 119.31 at 125.49

EUR/JPY Daily Outlook:

Everything being equal, the EUR/JPY exchange rate could continue to trend bullish within this session. Bulls are likely to target the upper boundary of an ascending channel pattern at 122.00, according to FX Street.

EUR JPY Daily Analysis Forecast for Tuesday July 7 2020

n the bigger picture, whole down trend from 137.49 (2018 high) could have completed at 114.42 already. Rise from 114.42 would target 61.8% retracement of 137.49 to 114.42 at 128.67 next according to ActionForex.

Forex forecast 06. July 2020 on EUR/JPY by TradingGold:
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