I’m so excited to tell you about EA GoldStuff! It’s an amazing trading robot that I’ve been using for months and it has already made my money back.

Do you know what the best part is? The forex trades are done automatically by a computer, which means no more hours spent on mindless boredom watching screens all day. I will share my updated EA GoldStuff results below!

Here I will share my transparent results using GoldStuff EA!

#1 EA Gold Stuff EA trading gold

Settings: default

Drawdown cutoff: XAUUSD (1M)

DD Stop: -$500

#2 EA Gold Stuff EA trading gold and silver

Settings: default

Instrument: XAUUSD and XAGUSD (1M)

Drawdown cutoff: -$500

#3 Trading indexes | EA: Gold Stuff EA

Instrument: DAX30, SPX500, ASX200, NIKK225, STOXX50, NQ100

Drawdown stop: -$300

#3 EA Gold Stuff EA trading 5 currency pairs

Settings: TP: 125, lot currencies: 0.02 / lot gold: 0.05


Drawdown cutoff: -$1000

Settings: TP 150, multiplier: 1.75, lot currencies: 0.02, lot gold: 0.03


Drawdown cutoff: -$1000

Settings: default TP 100, distance gold: 400


Drawdown cutoff: -$500

#4 EA: GoldStuff trading gold

Settings: TP 400, start lot: 0.05, max 7 open positions

Instrument: XAUUSD

Drawdown cutoff: -$5000

#5 EA GoldStuff trading GBPCAD only

Settings: TP 200, start lot: 0.05

Instrument: GBPCAD

Drawdown cutoff: -$2000

#6 EA GoldStuff trading GBPUSD only

Settings: TP 200, start lot: 0.05

Instrument: GBPUSD

Drawdown cutoff: -$2000

#7 EA GoldStuff trading AUDUSD only

Settings: TP 200, start lot: 0.05

Instrument: AUDUSD

Drawdown cutoff: -$2000

#8 EA GoldStuff trading EURUSD only

Settings: TP 200, start lot: 0.05

Instrument: EURUSD

Drawdown cutoff: -$2000

A high-risk robot

The EA GoldStuff trading robot is a high-risk, but potentially very profitable investment. I was able to find this system in my research for different systems that trade forex and it had the most impressive performance of all of them so far!

I noticed the author had got a 1500 % ROI using EA GoldStuff for his signals, which is an amazing success story. The author put in one thousand dollars and so far it’s returned over 16,000 dollars profit with this trades strategy – and it did that in a few months!

Use a regulated broker

You’re about to witness the power of this trading robot, but that’s only half the game. You might be tempted at first with all these fast and easy money opportunities, so you’ll want to make sure that any broker or vps provider you use is regulated for your safety as well as best results!

Tip number one is always to start practicing on a demo account. If things are going well and you are ready to invest with real money, you need to find a broker that have good conditions for EA systems.

You can also consider using a cent account if you are not willing to invest too much money in the beginning. GoldStuff will most like blow small accounts, so there’s no idea to start with only a few hundred bucks in my honest opinion. But if you use a cent account, that will be more than enough, especially if you only want to trade one or two currency pairs. 500 USD will count as 50,000 cents – the units will work like USD – which gives you more space.

Find the optimal settings using a demo account

I have not done many backtests with Metatraders’ strategy tester, since I already have bad experiences with them. They often provide completely different results than real testing on a demo account. That’s why I am running plenty of meta traders on my home computer – with some tweaking on the set files.

Recommended timeframes and currency pairs for GoldStuff

According to people I have spoken with in GoldStuff’s telegram group, most traders like to use EA GoldStuff on 5M and 15M timeframes, while some report more reliable results using the 4H charts.

Most of the traders like to run GoldStuff on gold (XAUUSD), but the system is also good for ordinary currency pairs.

Martingale can be very risky

The EA system is one of the most common methods for trading forex, but it’s not magic. It uses martingale which can be a risky strategy if done incorrectly. Fortunately, you can adjust the set files after your own preferences. The multiplier is set to 1.65 by default in GoldStuff, which means that every new position’s lot size will be multiplied by 1.65. If your starting lot is at 0.05 and you use the default settings, the first 10 trades will have these lot sizes:

  • Position 1: 0.05 lots
  • Position 2: 0.08 lots
  • Position 3: 0.13 lots
  • Position 4: 0.22 lots
  • Position 5: 0.37 lots
  • Position 6: 0.61 lots
  • Position 7: 1.00 lots
  • Position 8: 1.66 lots
  • Position 9: 2.74 lots
  • Position 10: 4.53 lots

It’s easy to understand that this will become more and more risky, and a small account can’t handle many of these positions. So I recommend either to reduce the lot sizes or not allow more than e.g. 3 open trades at the same time. You can also consider to move the distance. You can set a higher number in distance, which will open fewer positions, and it may take longer time before your trades will close in profits.

GoldStuff EA will always win – if your balance is big enough. Sooner or later there will come a retracement and this “stubborn” trading method will make money for you – as long as your trading account has not blown away in the meantime.

How to avoid blowing your account with GoldStuff?

Some few suggestions to avoid blowing your account:

  • Use low starting lots
  • Set a higher distance
  • Allow only a few open trades at the same time
  • Set the multiplier to a lower number
  • Only trade one or two currency pairs
  • Avoid gold and silver if you have a small account
  • Use a recovery tool like ArgoGuardian to set a drawdown stop before risking too much money

The best way to use this type of program effectively is by following certain guidelines: always trade in increments that are large enough so you don’t risk going broke and make sure your bets aren’t too high on any given day or week since there will inevitably be losing days where your bet size could put you out completely financially!

Great winning opportunities – but not be greedy

I know I’ve said this a few times, but this is an exciting opportunity with high risk and reward. If you want to take advantage of training robot’s services, please only use money that you can afford to lose.

My intention is to withdraw profits often, and not get greedy. Besides EA GoldStuff I can recommend using a recovery EA, such as Equity Guardian EA. In case you reach a huge drawdown, the recovery EA can take action, like e.g stop all current trades. A fresh “reset” is sometimes more effective than just keeping old trades that may blow your account completely.

I hope you find this information helpful. Unfortunately, GoldStuff is not available for sale anymore, but I can recommend Investment Castle which is another great EA.