There’s no doubt about it — crypto is making big waves. You’ve probably been hearing more and more about it on the news, and heard people talking about it more. But there are those who’ve been just reading the headlines and discussing it — while others are busy getting to work on becoming part of this revolution — and grabbing the huge opportunities. Although we mostly focus on forex, there are some crypto currencies that are too good to pass up and not comment on for those who are interested.

We at Forex and Profits present some cryptos that we think are very hot right now and in the news.


Hourly has been attracting some attention lately and we have decided to give a “lay person” view of this token. Since March 20, 2021 this token has gone from a high of 0.024442 and travelled down to a low of 0.013313 and is now resting at 0.015197, in between the .382 and the .236. The RSI is in the sell zone looking like it wants to drop more, the volume is very low and the MacD is also looking like a sell. Notice the wedge of the down and up trend lines.

VETHOR Hourly April 7 2021
VETHOR Hourly April 7 2021

4 Hour seems to be poised to take a turn up as it sits on the .236. The volume is low to non existent, the RSI is in the buy zone and slightly curled up to go to the sell zone, the MacD also appears to be in the buy zone ready to travel up. A careful watch on this token when it decides to break out of the wedge it is in.

VETHOR 4 Hour April 7 2021
VETHOR 4 Hour April 7 2021
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