best free forex signals, live market charts

Best free forex signals for week 50 that may give you profitable results

Imagine if you could open one forex position right now and see an impressive profit growth on your forex account in just a few days?  I will share my best free forex signals for this week (week 50) and what you should look after for the upcoming weeks, the rest of 2018. These signals have been extremely profitable and have given me a steady account boost for a long time, and now I  am sharing fresh and honest forex signals with you.

Today I’m going to show you the best free forex signals that I used to get amazing results on my own account and how I think the next few weeks will look like in the forex market.

Which is the best currency to trade right now?

I recommend to trade these currency pairs right now:


shows targets at 1.76640 and 1.82068 with the RSI & CMO heading towards the sell position but has not reached it yet.


shows a target at 1.82030 with the RSI & CMO definitely in the sell zone.

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shows targets at 1.73112 and 1.78202 with the RSI & CMO within a hair of reaching the sell zone.

best free forex signals, live market charts


Brexit and Forex news live that may affect the GBP pairs right now

With Brexit bouncing the GBP’s from pillar to post, it will be a rocky ride for all of them. UK’s prime minister Theresa May has postponed the Brexit vote and admits that her proposal would have been defeated by up to 100 of her own MP’s. Her people had been urging her to get assurances from the EU before they had to vote which she resisted, insisting the vote would proceed no matter what.  Apparently the UK was seeking assurances that the “backstop” in the agreement would never be activated, however EU officials said all they could do was clarify the “backstop provisions” – part of which ensures against a hard border against the island of Ireland.


The best deal for the UK?

An official at the EU has reiterated that this is the best and only deal available.  As far as they are concerned the UK will be leaving the union on March 29, 2010 and they are prepared for all ramifications of the UK leaving the union.  Jeremy Corbyn called the delay a “desperate step” stating:  “We have known for at least two weeks that Theresa May’s worst-of-all-worlds deal was going to be rejected by parliament because it is damaging for Britain”, according to The Guardian.

best free forex signals


“Essentially a defeat”

Steve Baker, one of the leaders of the hard Brexit European Research Group said the postponement was “essentially a defeat” of Theresa May’s Brexit deal.  “Recalling the prime minister’s general election slogan, the rebel MP added: “The terms of the WA (withdrawal agreement) were so bad that they didn’t dare put it to parliament for a vote. This isn’t the mark of a stable government or a strong plan”.

free forex signals

The GBP fell to an 18 month low against the USD

MP’s reacted angrily to the postponement and the GBP fell to an 18 month low against the USD upon the announcement.  Meanwhile the European Court of Justice has ruled that the UK can cancel Brexit if it wants to.  Theresa May, however has refused to say when a vote would be held stating it would depend on how long fresh talks with the EU would last reiterating that the deadline of March 29, 2019 was written into law and the government was committed to delivering on that despite renewed public demands for an new Brexit vote, according to BBC. We can expect the news to rock the GBP pairs from one end to the other.  Pips will be made and lost.  Keep your trades under close rein, carefully map out your strategy and try to keep the surfboard on top of the waves riding into the sunset.

free forex signals

Live market charts for GBP AUD

To give further perspective the daily chart shows a trend line has been broken to the down side with a .618 at 1.70592, 405.5 pips away with the RSI almost in the sell zone.  The hourly chart shows the trend line is not broken yet and is 80 pips below where it is right now, the .618 is at 1.72205, which is 255 pips further down.  The RSI is clearly in the buy zone at the moment which could indicate after such a strong downward move that some retracement up will happen to form the C of the AB boundary and then possibly a push down to the .618 at 1.72205.

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GBP AUD 1 hr


Best free forex signals this week 50?

Do you agree that GBP AUD could give a solid boost to your forex account before this year is ending? Indeed, I’m so excited to share my best free forex signals for this week, and I hope that everyone can maximize their profis based on my forex signals.

Are you happy that I shared my best free forex signals with you here in the Forex and Profits community? What do you think will happen next with the GBP AUD currency pair? I’d love to know what to you thought of the post.

Disclaimer: Please note trading foreign currencies can be a challenging and potentially profitable opportunity for investors. However, before deciding to participate in the Forex market, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

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