The website and social trading community Forex And Profits was founded in May 2018, and covers the intersection of profitable ways to make money with Forex. This includes insider tips of best currency pairs to trade, our favorite tools for Forex traders and Free Forex Signals. We want Forex And Profits to be the place to trade, share and offer ideas to become a profitable Forex trader. In this community, you can share your strategies, and receive feedback from other profitable traders out there.

Founded by Jackie and Trond

Jackie has been a forex trader for approx. 6 years. Her background has been investing primarily in “penny mining stocks” concentrating on gold, silver and copper. She teamed up with Trond and together we created We grew tired of the “experts” who dazzle you with technical terms and lots of flash that leave you confused and bewildered.

Trading for the past 6 years I have learned I am a short term trader. Not a scalper, although I don’t mind the odd scalp but definitely not a Swing trader. I use the Fibs, RSI, ADX primarily as my favourite indicators along with trend lines. Always learning a new strategy and discovering the pitfalls along with them, always exploring the “patterns”, the rhythm of a currency. I try to keep trading simple, discard the noise and look to the end goal. Sometimes my strength is my downfall. I don’t take well to losing, so I hang in like a pit bull. Some call that patience and it works out well for me. Then other times … well, not so well. I try to remember that old saying “sometimes your first loss is your cheapest loss”. I have learned I don’t HAVE to get the very last pip in a trend. If my profit is decent then grabbing my profit and running for the exit is fine with me.

Trading and investing for the last 10 years. I have joined many forex courses, both online and onsite, which have led to confusion and frustration… It’s definitely not good to get too many signals and mix up different ideas from different traders! It can make you stressed and give up! I tested out many different strategies and learnt by failing several times. What put me down is always these huge drawdowns – I hate to be in long trades where the currency pairs go in the other direction. Finding good trading opportunities where the highest probability of my direction, buy or sell, where I can set Take Profit level 2/3 and Stop Loss level 1/3 is the key to win more than I lose, and the winning percentage doesn’t need to be that high. I even experienced margin calls in the very beginning of my trading journey – which gave me sleepless nights. I use several indicators that I find helpful, my favorites are the ADX and Bollinger Bands. Both help me to see if I should stay in the trade or get out. I like to draw trend lines to see if the trends are ending… and I’m looking at the fibonaccis to get an idea of what will happen next… My favorite setup would be to have one quick trade per day, just go for some few pips, and terminate all the weekly trades on late Thursday or early Friday morning every week, no matter if any of them are a bit down… And this way achieve steady profits at the end of the month – consistently.

Trond has traded stocks, forex and other investment opportunities for more than 10 years. He has attended on-site courses with Darren Winters, Kevin Green and Robert Kiyosaki. It was just to realize that having 3 jobs and working 12-16 hours per day could definitely not be combined with manual trading. That’s why he also decided to work with passive income solutions, copy trading platforms as Etoro and Zulutrade since 2013 that require less attention. He was looking for user-friendly platforms that were not time consuming. The solutions had to be fully automated and the platforms supposed to be straightforward and web-based.

After achieving success with the trading and passive income sources, he decided to quit all his jobs in 2017.

For the last years, he has dedicated his full-time to trading and other profitable businesses such as crypto and real estate. During this journey of trading, Trond has experienced those different aspects of being a trader, earning great profits as well as having frustrating days with huge losses, important and tough experiences. He learned how important good education is to be successful. Some of the courses that helped him to master the trading was The Ultimate Traders Package, Forex Mastermind and Power Fibonacci Trading Course by skilled traders as Tian Kriek and Chris Pulver.

He has recently taken valuable trading education classes with experienced forex mentors as Vladimir Ribakov and Yordan Kuzmanov from Traders Academy Club. Trond never stops looking for new and exciting investment opportunities and forex education to stay updated. Although some of these education platforms have been really helpful, it opened his eyes for what that could be improved and made more simple for other traders.

When we are looking for new trades, we look at the daily study of the market pattern plus the market news, combined with our favorite indicators. The duration of open trades is normally from some few hours to several days. The drawdown is part of forex.

We wanted something simple and to the point and with that in mind we created to do just that. Simple, straight information that the beginner can understand and still appeal to the more experienced trader. We try to demystify forex to give the beginner that edge of feeling confident when they apply the information they have learned from our articles.

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