Are you man or woman?

How old are you?

How many years have you traded forex?

What is your best personality as a trader?

Are you an emotional person who gets caught up in drama or a “by the book”, matter of fact person?

How long do you normally keep a trade?

When you have a long term trade come in with great results, do you…

Do you stay up late at night watching your trades?

Are you willing to keep a drawdown for a long period of time?

How do you define success as a trader?

Are you a patient or impatient person?

What kind of trader are you? Are you a lion or a mouse?

Mouse: You are a nibbler. You scalp, you get in and out of long term trades happy with the profit you have made and not being so greedy as to cry over the profits you could have made if you had just stayed in the game longer. You’re happy to build your account steadily and slowly. You have seen too many traders make huge gains and then lose their account in a flash. You grab the cheese and run back to your comfort zone happy with what you have and content to nibble your way to a nice monthly income

Monkey: You are eager and enthusiastic. You will apply different strategies to different trades which can make your trading erratic at times. You can fall into the trap of sitting up into the late hours, your eyes glued to the screen, yelling at your trades to JUST MOVE UP/DOWN .. DAMN IT, JUST MOVE. The neighbours avoid you as they think you are deranged when they hear you at 3 or 4 am screaming at …. Someone? Something? But you ignore them confident that in time your trades will give you the reward they are supposed to and you can move and never have to see those neighbours again.

Slow, methodical and nothing stands in your way. You plan your trades with calculating precision making sure you take everything in your arsenal into account. It may take you a week, a month, a couple of months to bring your trade to the profit you were looking for but you have time. As a result you can over trade and put your account into risk at times. You can explode in frustration and take your loss and move on … patience is the key which you have plenty of but even patience has their limits.

You hunt your prey through the charts, stalking for the right set up. You make big gains but you can also take big losses but it is all part of trading and you roll with the punches. You know your strategies and you pounce using them with no hesitation. If you are not already using forex as your sole source, you soon will be. Nothing is to chance, you know your goal and you have plotted out your path to that goal with the precision of the lion closing in on its prey.

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